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Terence Quick

President  Prokopis Pavlopoulos
Prime Minister  Alexis Tsipras
Preceded by  Gabriel Sakellaridis
Education  Panteion University
Prime Minister  Alexis Tsipras
Name  Terence Quick
Prime Minister  Alexis Tsipras
Relations  Richard Quick (son)

Terence Quick Terence Quick lashes out against Greek Americans Neos Kosmos

Political party  Independent Greeks

Terence Spencer Nicholas Quick (Greek: Τέρενς Σπένσερ Νικόλαος Κουΐκ) is a Greek reporter, politician and member of the Independent Greeks, and Deputy Minister of State for Coordinating Government Operations since 27 January 2015 in the coalition cabinet of Independent Greeks-Syriza.


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He was born in Thessaloniki 18 February 1947, the son of Philip Quick. He studied for one year at the University of Macedonia (then called the Thessaloniki School of Higher Industrial Studies) and graduated from Panteion University. He has been married and divorced twice and has three children. His son is producer Richard Quick.

Professional career

Since 1966 he has worked at a variety of Greek newspapers, including Ethnos, Fos ton Spor, Simerina and as the Athens correspondent for The Sun. Quick presented for many years the central news program on the state-owned television channel Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT). In 1976 he took over entirely the organisation of channel ERT3 in Thessaloniki. until 1989 when he resigned this position to present on the principal newscast with Liana Kanelli, Evi Demiri, Elli Stai, Antonis Zisimatos, Kostas Serezis, Nasos Athanasiou, Alexandros Antonopoulou, Kostas Hountas and others.

Subsequently, he presented for about ten years the main newscast on television station ANT1 with co-presenters Nana Palaitsaki, Sofia Tsiliyianni, Tatiana Stefanidou, Liana Kanelli, and others. In the spring of 1992 and for the following two years he hosted the weekly broadcast "Tonight with Terence Quick" in the evening slot with guests from all walks of life and from one year on he curated and presented the broadcast "Together on Sunday" in the mid-day slot. Parallel to this he worked on radio for ANT1 hosting the daily informational program "Morning Line".

Subsequent to this he presented the daily morning informational program on Star Channel. He followed with the daily presentation "Good Morning with Terence" on the television station Alter Channel.

In 2008 in Thessaloniki and on channel ET3 he presented for a second time "Tonight with Terence Quick" transmitted every week with guests of every stripe. From February 1, 2010, he took up presenting the afternoon program on television station Blue Sky. From September 2010 he moved to Kontra Channel to present the main newscast.

He has been a contributor to the newspapers Eleftheros, Eleftheros Typos, Apogevmatini, Vradini, Proini and Eleftherotypia. Today he is a contributor to the Hora newspaper.

He has appeared in the film O Antifasistas (The Anti-Fascist) with the protagonist Kostas Voutsas. The essence of his character was played as essentially Terence Quick himself, a reporter getting an interview with the central character Nicola Mancholini (Voutsas) at the beginning of the film.

Political career

In the national elections of 1986, Quick was elected member of parliament for the deme of Athens on the party list New Democracy as part of the New Era of Miltiadis Evert. He received 13,511 points of preference, second place in the returns by number of ballots.

In March 2012, he took the position of public spokesman of the movement "Independent Greeks".

In the 2012 Greek parliamentary elections, he was counted the top vote-getter for Independent Greeks and elected to the Parliamentary Council of State, taking his seat as the parliamentary spokesman of the movement. He took part in the provincial elections of 2014 as a provincial candidate in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace in which he came in fourth on the party list.


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