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Category  Silicate mineral
Formula (repeating unit)  Mn2SiO4
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Crystal class  Dipyramidal (mmm) H-M symbol: (2/m 2/m 2/m)
Unit cell  a = 4.88(2) Å, b = 10.61(2) Å c = 6.24(2) Å; Z = 4
Color  Olive-green, bluish green, gray, °esh-red, reddish brown; pale green in thin section, may be colorless
Crystal habit  Crystals typically short, prismatic, to 4 cm, or anhedral, equidimensional. Commonly in disseminated grains, compact, or massive.
Crystal system  Orthorhombic crystal system


Tephroite is the manganese endmember of the olivine group of nesosilicate minerals with the formula Mn2SiO4. A solid solution series exists between tephroite and its analogues, the group endmembers fayalite and forsterite. Divalent iron or magnesium may readily replace manganese in the olivine crystal structure.


Tephroite Tephroite Mineral Specimen For Sale

It was first described for an occurrence at the Sterling Hill Mine and Franklin, New Jersey, United States. It occurs in iron-manganese ore deposits and their related skarns. It also occurs in metamorphosed manganese-rich sediments. It occurs in association with: zincite, willemite, franklinite, rhodonite, jacobsite, diopside, gageite, bustamite, manganocalcite, glaucochroite, calcite, banalsite and alleghanyite. It can also be found in England and Sweden.

Tephroite Tephroite Mineral Specimen For Sale

Tephroite has a hardness of 6 and a specific gravity of approximately 4.1, which is heavy for non-metallic minerals. Its name comes from the Greek tephros, "ash gray", for its color. It can also be found olive-green, greenish-blue, pink, or brown. Other names for tephroite include mangan olivine and mangan peridot.

Tephroite Tephroite R100105 RRUFF Database Raman Xray Infrared and

Sudanese kinship friends tephroite

Tephroite Tephroite Mineral Specimen For Sale
Tephroite Tephroite Wikipedia
Tephroite No 28361 Zincite and Tephroite from Franklin Mining District


Tephroite Wikipedia

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