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Teniente Luis Carvajal Villaroel Antarctic Base

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Country  Chile
Time zone  CLT (UTC-3)
Region  Magallanes
Teniente Luis Carvajal Villaroel Antarctic Base httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Location in Antarctica  Adelaide Island, Graham Land
Administered by  Instituto Antártico Chileno
Established  circa 1961 (1961) by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey   UK 14 August 1984 (1984-08-14) (by the Instituto Antártico Chileno)   Chile

The Teniente Luis Carvajal Villaroel Antarctic Base (Spanish: Teniente Carvajal) is a non-permanent seasonal Chilean Antarctic base located on the south-west tip of Adelaide Island, in Graham Land off the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula in the Chilean region of Magallanes.


The base was established by Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (FIDS) in 1961 and was previously known as the British Antarctic Survey Station T - Adelaide Base.


It was established on the south-west tip of Adelaide Island in preference to Rothera Point as it had a better skiway for aircraft and less sea ice to hinder access by ship. The base was set up to carry out Survey work in the local and extended area, glaciology, geology and meteorology. The base was the main air facility and centre for airborne earth sciences programme. It was occupied continuously by BAS between 3 February 1961 to 1 March 1977. Closed when the skiway deteriorated and operations were transferred to Rothera (Station R).

The original building was known as Stephenson House after A Stephenson, surveyor on the British Graham Land Expedition (BGLE) 1934-37. An additional hut named Rymill House after John Riddoch Rymill, leader of BGLE, was erected in Mar 1962. A separate accommodation hut named Hampton House after W E Hampton, deputy leader and chief pilot of the BGLE, was erected on 1 January 1963. This had been planned originally to be a garage at Fossil Bluff (Station KG). A plastic accommodation building was established on 3 March 1967.

Current use

The base was transferred to Chile 14 August 1984 and renamed Teniente Luis Carvajal Villaroel Antarctic Base. Chile has used the station as a summer only facility since this time. In the last few years the skiway has deteriorated further, leading to the death of a Chilean air mechanic, when he fell down a crevasse. Since then the Chilean Air Force have ceased operations at Carvajal. The Chilean Navy continues to visit the base during the summer to ensure it is in good order.

During the Winter months, staff at Rothera Station often visit the deserted buildings at Cravajal on BAS "Winter Training Trips".


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