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Temporary Family

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Director  Goo-Bi GC
Music director  Janet Yung, Wong Ngai-Lun
Country  Hong Kong
6/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Screenplay  Goo-Bi GC
Language  Cantonese
Temporary Family movie poster
Writer  Goo-Bi GC (screenplay)
Release date  21 August 2014 (2014-08-21)
Initial release  August 21, 2014 (Hong Kong, Singapore)
Cast  Sammi Cheng (Charlotte), Nick Cheung (Lung Hon), AngelaBaby (Hak), Oho Ou (Very Wong), Dayo Wong, Jiang Wu
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Temporary family official trailer 1 2014 sammi cheng angelababy comedy hd

Temporary Family (失戀急讓) is a 2014 Hong Kong comedy film.


Temporary Family movie scenes

Temporary family 2014 hong kong official trailer hd 1080 hk neo reviews film


Temporary Family Movie review Temporary Family 2014 My Blog City by Vincent Loy

Hong Siu Long proposes to his girlfriend, but is rebuffed, and given an ulimatum that means he must double his fortune in one year or break up. As he contemplates as to how to do this Hong, a realtor, is engaged by a client wanting a quick sale of a luxury apartment, and willing to accept a below market price bid. Together with Charlotte, a would be client who just happened to be in the office, his colleague Very Wong, and his step-daughter Lui Yuen Ping, Hong decides to buy the apartment as a speculative venture. The four combine their assets for the deposit and given the ever rising property prices expect to quickly sell the apartment for a profit.

Temporary Family temporary family shawneofthedead

However, to their dismay, just as they complete the purchase, the Hong Kong government introduces measures to slow the property bubble, especially measures to prevent speculation by wealthy mainland Chinese seeking to move their capital offshore. What seemed like a surefire bet has now become a white elephant, and the four are stretched to keep up the mortgage repayments. To cut costs all four move in together becoming a temporary family.

Temporary Family TemporaryFamilyjpg

In their attempts to sell the apartment the four become closer and come to care for each other. Becoming more than just unwilling housemates, Charlotte prevents Lui from prostituting herself, and when it is revealed that the apartment was the marital home of Charlotte and her ex-husband, Lui votes alongside Charlotte to prevent the sale of the apartment and saves Charlotte from being humiliated by her ex-husbands new girlfriend; all rally around Hong when he is made redundant and dumped by his girlfriend.

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With their cash reserve eaten away by mortgage repayments, and the bank on the verge of foreclosing the four have one last chance to sell the apartment for a profit and not lose everything.


Temporary Family Temporary Family 2014 Official Hong Kong Final Trailer HD
  • Nick Cheung as Hong Siu Long (項少龍)
  • Sammi Cheng as Charlotte Fung (馮沙律)
  • Angelababy as Lui Yuen Ping (呂婉娉)
  • Oho Ou as Very Wong (黃初)
  • Dayo Wong as Tsui Chi Chung (徐子聰)
  • Jiang Wu as Mr. Shek (石先生)
  • Myolie Wu as Cheung Yee (蔣儀)
  • Sui He as Yeung Lin (楊蓮)
  • Cameo appearances

  • Jacky Cheung as George (佐治)
  • Ivana Wong as Mrs. Chan
  • Fruit Chan as neighborhood tyrant
  • Yip Lau Suk-yee, as Yip Lau Suk Chi (葉劉淑之)
  • Eric Kot as gynaecologist
  • Alan Yu
  • Reception

    It has grossed HK$16,535,069 in Hong Kong and ¥100,436,001 in China.


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