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Teleu (other names: Telyau, Tiele, Teli, Tele, Tilyau, Telew, Tileu, Teles; in bashkir language - Теләү) - the genus name as part of the Bashkirian from Tabin clan. Ethnographic group with name Teleu have in Kazakhs (as part of the Little Horde) and Uzbeks (as part of Kurama), with the names of Tieli, Tileukusshi - in the Karakalpaks, Televs - among Kyrgyzs, Tiele - among Nogais.


Tribal lines from Teleu

(Besey, Kazak, Kaip, Qyzilbash-Qatay, Qipsaq, Meskeu, Tuk, Tubal, Hari, Henek, Bure, Uff-Suraman).


Akhanovs, Garipovs, Ishmuratovs, Lukmanovs, Muratovs, Saitgalins, Kalyamovs, Zhinalinovs and others.

Analysis of Y-DNA

The part of Bashkirs from Teleu are mostly representatives of main haplogroup R1a, subclade R1a-Z2123, Y2632+. The second haplogroup of Bashkirians-Teleu are R1b, subclade - R1b-M73. the nearest match-relatives to Bashkirians-Teleu lived in Lahore (India), Punjab and Sakastan.

Ethnic history

In their study, the researchers R.G.Kuzeev notes that the Bashkir and Kazakh ethnonyms in form Teleu - back origin from the Teleuts, it proves identity ethnicons Teleu and Teleuts.


The ethnonym 'Teleu' (In Chinese language - 'Tiele' 鐵勒 or 'people Dinlings' 丁零). L.P.Potapov also believes that the basic Turkic-speaking tribal groups Teleuts, Telengits and Teles preserved in its name ancient ethnonym Tiele.


Teleu Wikipedia

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