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Telephone numbers in Poland

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Country  Poland
Regulator  UKE
NSN length  9
Continent  Europe
Type  Closed
Typical format  xx xxx xx xx
Telephone numbers in Poland

The assignment of telephone numbers in Poland is controlled by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), the national regulatory authority.


Number format

Polish telephone numbers have 9 digits since 30 September 2009. The prefix '0' is no longer used when making a call within the country.

xx xxx xx xx (within Poland) +48 xx xxx xx xx (outside Poland)

Number format

9 digits, starting with 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 (not all).

Mobile codes

45x xxx xxx 50x xxx xxx 51x xxx xxx 53x xxx xxx 57x xxx xxx 60x xxx xxx 66x xxx xxx 69x xxx xxx 72x xxx xxx 73x xxx xxx 78x xxx xxx 79x xxx xxx 88x xxx xxx

The same codes are used by mobile virtual network operators.

Premium rate services

70 xxx xx xx

Shared cost numbers

801 xx xx xx

Free (for callers in Poland)

800 636 456

Other numbers

Paging services 64 x 000 64 x xxx xxx Carrier Selection Code 10xx 10xxx UTR VSAT, Tekstofon, Fixed SMS 802 xxx xxx UAN (universal number) 804 xxx xxx VPN 806 xxx xxx VCC 808 xxx xxx VoIP 39x xxx xxx NDSI - dialed access to data networks incl. Internet 20 xx xx Call box xx 801 xx xx xx 802 xx xx xx 803 xx xx xx 804 xx xx xx 805 xx xx


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