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Tekken Comic

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Written by  Rui Takato
Magazine  Ultra Jump
Published by  Shueisha
Volumes  2
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Original run  October 19, 2009 – July 17, 2010

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Tekken Comic (鉄拳コミック, Tekken Komikku, lit. Iron Fist) is a manga series created by Rui Takato based on the eponymous series of fighting games. Created in honor of the 15th anniversary of the Tekken game series and is available with permission from Bandai Namco in the online version of the magazine Ultra Jump. March 19, 2010 published the first printed volume manga.


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Story based on the manga storyline in Tekken 6, but with some differences. For example, in the early chapters focuses more on Asuka Kazama and Lili, and Mishima family is mentioned only in the first chapter. In addition, there are elements in the manga such as fan service and comedy scenes.

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Jin Kazama, the owner of the powerful Japanese corporations Mishima Zaibatsu, declares war on the entire world. Countries that sided with the corporation, merged into one independent nation, destroying any enemy. A year later the Mishima Zaibatsu opens "The King Iron Fist Tournament", where the winner is guaranteed a great prize. However, the tournament is interrupted by the appearance of Asuka Kazama that attacks Jin and said that we had to stop him and stop despotism Mishima Zaibatsu. But the guards Jin, led by Eddy Gordo, kicked her, and she had to go home. Asuka does not know that her actions lead the unexpected consequences.


In contrast to the game series, the characters and the connection between certain characters in the manga changed. For example, Lili is more than silly and whimsical, Leo is her servant rather old Sebastian and Alisa Bosconovich from the beginning manga acting on the orders of Jin Kazama.

Executive Summary

The first six chapters manga were published on the official website of the journal Ultra Jump, starting from October 19, 2009 and published monthly (except for the first two chapters, which were published together, October 19, 2009). March 19, 2010 in Japan, published the first volume of manga, including the first 6 chapters.


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