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Tehran Shomal Freeway

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Length  121 km
Major cities  Tehran, Chalus, Iran
Tehran-Shomal Freeway
From:  Chalus, Mazandaran Road 22 (Chalus-Nowshahr Bypass Expressway)
To:  Tehran, Tehran Azadegan Expressway Hemmat Expressway
Provinces  Tehran, Alborz Province, Mazandaran Province

Freeway 3, or more commonly known as Tehran-Shomal Freeway (آزادراه تهران - شمال; Literally: Tehran-North Freeway) is a freeway in Northern Iran, connecting Tehran to cities of western Mazandaran. Currently section 4 is in service and section 1 is under construction. Progress at sections 2 and 3 is stalled due to various reasons. The freeway runs parallel to Road 59, the old road connecting Karaj to Chalus.


Map of Tehran Province, Tehran, Tehran-Shomal Fwy, Iran

Section 1

This section is from interchange with Azadegan Expressway and Hemmat Expressway in northwestern Tehran city (Municipality District 21) to Doab, Shahrestanak, Alborz Province. This section is currently under construction with opening being due 2016. The section is 32 km long, with 28 tunnels having an overall length of 28.4 km on both sides. The longest tunnel is Talun Tunnel which is 4870 m long.

Sections 2 and 3

Section 2 is from Doab, Shahrestanak, Alborz to Pol-e Zanguleh, Kelardasht District, Mazandaran Province. The total length is 25 km. The section has 20 tunnels with overall length of 24.2 km. The longest tunnel is Alborz Tunnel with a length of 6378 m. Section 3 is from Pol-e Zanguleh, Kelardasht District, Mazandaran Province to Marzan Abad, Kelardasht District, Mazandaran Province with a length of 46 km. The section will have 92 tunnels with overall length of 33.5 km. Progress in these two sections has stalled due to high expense and also the contractor not moving on at the expected pace, thus creating conflicts between Ministry of Transportation and Housing and the contractor.

Section 4

Section 4 is from Marzan Abad, Kelardasht District, Mazandaran Province to Chalus. This section is 20 km long. It has 5 tunnels with an overall length of 1400 m. This section was opened on March 2014. The AADT of the section is around 16,500.

Toll rates

The toll rates are as follows:

  • passenger vehicles: 50,000 Rial
  • Pickup trucks and minibuses: 100,000 Rial
  • Light trucks: 125,000 Rial
  • Bus and two-axis trucks: 150,000 Rial
  • 3-Axis trucks: 200,000 Rial
  • Semi trucks: 250,000 Rial
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