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Tecmo World Cup '90

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Cabinet  Upright/Table-Top
Series  Tecmo World Cup
Publisher  Tecmo
Initial release date  December 1989
Developer  Tecmo
Platforms  Arcade game, Sega Genesis
Tecmo World Cup '90 Play Tecmo World Cup 3990 Coin Op Arcade online Play retro games

Genre(s)  Traditional soccer simulation
Display  Standard resolution raster
Modes  Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
Similar  Tecmo games, Sports games

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Tecmo World Cup '90 is a football (soccer) arcade game released in 1989 by Tecmo. An unofficial bootleg of the game named Euro League featuring European club teams was also released. An unfaithful home version was developed by SIMS for the Sega Mega Drive renamed simply Tecmo World Cup (in Japan, the game was called Tecmo World Cup '92).


Tecmo World Cup '90 Tecmo World Cup 90 Arcade amusements coinop games

Tecmo world cup 90 arcade playthrough


Tecmo World Cup '90 Tecmo World Cup 90 Arcade amusements coinop games

The player can select one from eight available national teams in Tecmo World Cup '90. Japan were included despite them failing to qualify for the World Cup in 1990. The game was an unofficial release, giving them the chance to include the team to appease Japanese players.

The following teams were selectable.

  •  Japan
  •  United States
  •  England
  •  Argentina
  •  Brazil
  •  West Germany
  •  Soviet Union
  •  Italy

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    A later European revision of the game was released which included  France (also non-qualifiers) in place of the USA and  Spain in place of Japan.

    The Genesis version features 27 national teams:

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