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Tayong Dalawa

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8/10 IMDb

Created by  Rondel Lindayag
Final episode date  25 September 2009
Languages  English, Filipino
9.2/10 Viki

Also known as  The Two Of Us
First episode date  19 January 2009
Number of episodes  178
Tayong Dalawa Tayong Dalawa

  Romance, Melodrama, Action
Written by  Reggie Amigo, Mark Anthony Bunda, Danica Domingo, Dindo Perez
Directed by  Ruel S. Bayani, Trina Dayrit
Starring  Jake Cuenca, Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu
Networks  ABS-CBN, Mediacorp Channel 5
Cast  Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Coco Martin, Jake Cuenca, Agot Isidro
Similar  Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, May Bukas Pa, Walang Hanggan, Sana Maulit Muli

Tayong dalawa

Tayong Dalawa (lit. The Two Of Us) is a Philippine primetime drama series broadcast on ABS-CBN and worldwide on TFC in 2009. The story revolved around two brothers (Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson) who share the same name, the same aspirations, and the same lady-of-interest (Kim Chiu). The title of the series was taken from one of Rey Valera’s classic songs, in a manner similar to most Filipino soap operas.


Tayong dalawa pick up line ni david garcia dubbed

Plot summary

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David "JR" Garcia Jr. was born into a poor family. His father, David Sr., deserted his mother Marlene before he was born because his wife, Ingrid Garcia is pregnant with David "Dave" Garcia, Jr. When Audrey King and her family goes to Tagaytay for a visit, she falls from a set of high stairs. JR saves her life and introduces himself as David Garcia Jr. after she asks for his name. When she gets to the hospital and is asked by the witnesses and her family who saved her, she says it's David Garcia Jr. - but Dave is given the credit instead of JR.

As she grows up falling in love with Dave, Dave meets JR and they become the best of friends, but their families do not approve of their friendship. Dave's family thinks JR wants to use Dave just for the money. The siblings' mothers would not let the two hang out, although their father allowed the friendship to continue. Dave's grandmother, Elizabeth, and JR's mother, Marlene, suspects David Sr is keeping the two boys' friendship alive.

Tayong Dalawa Tayong Dalawa sH3ryL wHisPer

Audrey's father, Stanley Sr., sends her to Cebu to continue her studies. JR and Audrey have a chance encounter in the airport. Dave and JR enter the Philippine Military Academy where they graduate at the top of their class. The family rivalry becomes worse as everyone finds out that Dave and JR are half-siblings when David Sr. appears on graduation day. Elizabeth exerts all efforts to cover up the truth to the point that she engineers Marlene's imprisonment. Things become even worse as David Sr. dies from a gunshot wound during a raid by gun smuggling boss Leo Cardenas on his armory on the suggestion of Ramon Lecumberri, JR and Dave's estranged older half-brother. It would be followed by more events such as the death of Audrey's mother Loreta, Ramon killing Leo to save Lola Gets and the involvement of Audrey's younger brother, Stan Jr., in Ramon's syndicate. Further DNA testing confirms that Dave and JR are twins.

As things develop, Stanley kills Elizabeth over a financial dispute and frames JR. He is imprisoned and escapes with a former enemy, Ka Doroy, as part of a double agent operation with the military regarding the syndicate. He discovers that the syndicate's boss, "Hunyango", is actually Marlon Cardenas, Dave's godfather and Leo's father.

After JR is hit in a later incident, Dave agrees to a kidney transplant to save his twin in exchange for a civil wedding to Audrey, but the marriage turns out to be fake because of Mamita's machinations. Dave and Audrey plan a church wedding, but Dave backs out. Audrey ends up marrying JR in church and later bears him a son named Adrian. However, she dies of heart disease a few days after giving birth.

The brothers eventually face off in a final showdown with Ramon, who agrees to surrender after Marlene's appeals and completing a plan to bring down his syndicate. However, a mentally-insane Ingrid shoots Ramon in the head (while still believing that he killed her husband David) while being taken into custody. He survives the shooting but doctors said the bullets rendered him blind. Dave later commits Ingrid to a psychiatric hospital. Ramon is sentenced to life imprisonment and makes amends with Marlene, JR, and Dave behind bars. The three, who visit Ramon from time to time, now live together with Robert, Adrian, Ula, Angela and Lily. The story ends with a cliffhanger: a woman and her son appears at the Garcia house one evening. They introduce themselves as Emma Garcia (a third wife of David Garcia Sr.) and David Anthony Garcia III.

Main cast

  • Jake Cuenca as Lt. David "Dave" Martinez Garcia, Jr.
  • Gerald Anderson as Lt. "JR" Dionisio Garcia, Jr.
  • Kim Chiu as Audrey King-Garcia
  • Supporting cast

  • Helen Gamboa as Elizabeth "Mamita" Martinez
  • Gina Pareño as Rita "Lola Gets" Dionisio
  • Coco Martin as Ramon Dionisio Lecumberri
  • Cherry Pie Picache as Marlene Dionisio-Garcia
  • Agot Isidro as Ingrid Martinez-Garcia / Ingrid Martinez-Cardenas
  • Jodi Sta. Maria as Angela Dominguez
  • Alessandra de Rossi as Greta Romano
  • Anita Linda as Lilian "Lola Lily" King
  • Jiro Manio as Stanley "Stan" King, Jr.
  • Spanky Manikan as Stanley King, Sr.
  • Miguel Faustmann as Col. David Garcia, Sr.
  • Mylene Dizon as Loretta Dominguez-King
  • Baron Geisler as Leo Cardenas
  • Extended

  • Johnny Revilla as Marlon Cardenas / Hunyango
  • Ping Medina as Nicolas "Nico" Valencia
  • Regine Angeles as Olivia Mondigo
  • Beauty Gonzalez as Dolores Ocampo
  • Alex Anselmuccio as Lt. James Espiritu
  • Neil Ryan Sese as Atty. Sandoval
  • Kian Kazemi as Lt. Paul Isidro
  • John Medina as 2nd Lt. Franco Walton
  • Simon Ibarra as Manuel
  • Gerard Pizzaras as Major Gonzales
  • Cacai Bautista as Ula
  • Jimwell Stevens as Paul
  • Mike Lloren as General Bernardo Rosario
  • Ram Sagad as 1st Lt. Florentino (JR's immediate superior)
  • Efren Reyes, Jr. as Ka Duroy
  • Cameo

  • Celine Lim as young Audrey King
  • Francis Magundayao as young David "JR" Garcia, Jr.
  • Carlo Lacana as young David "Dave" Garcia, Jr.
  • Paul Salas as young Ramon Lecumberri
  • Sharlene San Pedro as young Ingrid Martinez
  • Cheska Billiones as young Marlene Dionisio
  • Desiree del Valle as young Rita Dionisio
  • Dimples Romana as young Elizabeth Martinez
  • Rodjun Cruz as Stanley "Junior" King, Jr.
  • Irma Adlawan as Berta Romano (Greta's mother)
  • Gilberto Teodoro (former Philippine Defense Secretary) as himself
  • Michael Conan as Pedring (Ka Duroy's second rebel commander)
  • John James Uy as Edward de Castro
  • Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino as Dionisio family attorney
  • Jennifer Illustre as Ditas
  • Paw Diaz as Michaela
  • Robert Arevalo as Greg Martinez
  • John Manalo as Benong / Jomar
  • Tanya Gomez as Janice
  • Marc Acueza as Charles
  • Gian Sotto as Paul (Hunyango's assistant and Ramon's ally)
  • Dionne Monsanto as TV News Reporter
  • Charles Christianson as Peter
  • Bing Davao as Alias Black Hawk
  • Dido de la Paz as Jail Supt. Fernandez
  • Mike Magat as Jail Officer II Vivar
  • Michael Roy Jornales as Bong
  • Mon Confiado as Brando
  • Richard Poon as himself (singer for wedding of JR & Audrey)
  • Menggie Cobarrubias as Lola Gets' doctor
  • Leo Rialp as Audrey's doctor
  • Cheryl Ramos as Audrey's ob-gynecologist
  • Archie Adamos as Brigadier General Villanueva
  • Rosanna Roces as Emma Garcia (finale episode)
  • Enchong Dee as David "Anthony" Garcia III (finale episode)
  • Krista Valle as Bar girl (uncredited)
  • Auriette Divina as Audrey's classmate (uncredited)
  • Melmar Magno as Ricky, Audrey's classmate (uncredited)
  • Citation from the Armed Forces

    The production team of Tayong Dalawa and its three leading actors were cited by the Armed Forces of the Philippines for promoting a positive image of the Philippine military. The show is also credited for boosting the Philippine Military Academy's recruitment of prospective cadets by 300%, with the show also advertising the academy's entrance examinations at the end of each episode. Many episodes were shot inside the PMA campus in Baguio City, where Anderson and Cuenca underwent training alongside the actual cadets. Anderson lamented that his and Cuenca's lack of Citizen Army Training experience was an initial problem in adjusting to the Academy's training regime.


    The show's title theme music is "Tayong Dalawa" by Gary Valenciano, and certain scenes use "Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin" ("I Will Love You Tomorrow") by Lani Misalucha. The song "Tayong Dalawa" was originally composed and performed by Rey Valera and also covered by Sharon Cuneta for the theme song of her film with same title.

    DVD release

    On August 27, 2009 an announcement was made that Tayong Dalawa will be available on DVD. All volumes have been released. There are 20 volumes on DVD for the whole series.

    Tayong Dalawa: The Untold Beginning (special episode)

    On September 20, 2009, ABS-CBN aired Tayong Dalawa: The Untold Beginning. The made-for-TV movie features deleted scenes from the first few episodes of the series, which explores the origins of the rivalry between mother-daughter pairs 'Lola Gets'-Marlene and Elizabeth-Ingrid. It also expounds on Ingrid and Marlene's separate love stories with David Garcia Sr.


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