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Tauba Tauba

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T. L. V. Prasad

Release date
October 1, 2004 (India)



Comedy, Drama

Phir Tauba Tauba



Release date
1 October 2004

Hai Shararat

(Sunny), (Payal), (Mr. Gomes), (Mohan Shanbagh), (Rubina),
Bobby Darling
(Bobby Darling)

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Tauba Tauba and Phir Tauba Tauba are part of the same movie series

Tauba Tauba (My Oh My) is a 2004 Bollywood sex comedy starring Antara Mona Lisa Biswas, Amin Gazi and Payal Rohatgi. It was directed by T L V Prasad and is a remake of the 1981 film Private Lessons which starred Sylvia Kristel. It was followed by a sequel in 2008, Phir Tauba Tauba which was also directed by T L V Prasad.



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Tauba Tauba, a small budget Hindi movie, tells the tale of 15-year-old Sunny (Amin Gazi), a motherless child of a business tycoon, Mohan Shanbagh (Ayub Khan). Sunny is obsessed with sex, this is partially due to Sunny's environment. His sex-crazed principal, Mr. Gomes (Laxmikant Berde), goes around bedding all the teachers and at home his Casanova Father is involved in love games with secretary Sophia (Rashi Tyagi), who from time to time also teases Sunny with her sexuality. All these factors expose Sunny to sex at his young age, so when Sunny sees 25-year-old Payal (Payal Rohatgi), it's not long before he is smitten.


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The Movie starts with 15-year-old Sunny (Amin Gazi) is at school, singing with his friends and generally making an ass of himself. when he goes for his winter vacation to his house in Pune. There we are introduced to Rocky (Rocky Sandhu), his multimillionaire father's manager who owes Rs 1 million to "Sultan bhai" of Multan.When his father who himself is no slouch when it comes to chasing skirts goes to London on some business, he leaves his son some blank cheques in case there is an emergency.Rocky needs money, not only to pay off the debt, but also to make a movie with his model girlfriend Rubina (Monalisa).Payal (Payal Rohatgi) also needs money to pay for her boyfriend's medical expenses.

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Rocky promises to pay her the money if she can trap his boss' son. Payal then moves into Sunny's neighbourhood to seduce him. Sunny, is treated to watch Payal in bikinis, in a very revealing dress soaping her car, in bubbles luxuriating in her bathtub and in other such enlightening poses.Soon, the two get introduced and Sunny gets the opportunity to rub her back and later, get her in the sack (later, Payal informs Sunny that they didn't have sex; he was just too drunk to remember anything. That way everyone's chastity is maintained). After having 'sex' with him Payal plays dead. A panicky Sunny goes to Rocky and tells him what happened. Rocky then goes to the lovely neighbour's house, wraps a dummy in a sheet and tells Sunny to bury it. He also deftly clicks some snaps of Sunny burying the 'body'.

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Soon Sunny gets a courier from a blackmailer threatening to expose him if he doesn't cough up Rs 10 million. Sunny has no option but to use his father's blank cheques.But somewhere down the line, Payal gets guilt pangs and tells Sunny the truth. The rest of the movie is then about Sunny and Payal who wants to do pashchatap and recovering the money from Rocky.


  • Payal Rohatgi - Payal
  • Amin Gazi - Sunny
  • Laxmikant Berde- Mr. Gomes
  • Antara Biswas
  • Ayub Khan - Mohan Shanbagh
  • Rashi Tyagi - Sophia
  • Rocky Sandhu
  • Supriya Karnik
  • Tej Sapru
  • Anil Nagrath
  • Sumeet Arora
  • Rashid Khan
  • Kishor Bhanushali
  • Shyam Solanki
  • Vikas Kalantari - Special Appearance
  • Sheweta Keshwani - Special Appearance
  • Arun Daga - Special Appearance
  • Critical reception

    The film was panned by critics upon release. Salil Kumar reviewing for Rediff, gave the film the film a negative review and said, ' is doubtful if anyone would like to spend Rs 100 just to see a couple of women prancing around in colourful undies'. Guest reviewer for the BBC, Goher Iqbal Punn, also disliked the film and called it film avoidable fare and an ordinary piece of work. Nitika Desai of ApunkaChoice gave the film 2/5 stars and praised the story for balancing sexual exposure with comedy and thriller in the first and second halves respectively, but blamed the lack of substance in the story. It was however noted that those expecting to see lots of cleavages and bikini clad babes will not be disappointed. Kashif Ali of Full Hyderabad gave the film a rating of 1.0 and called it perverse suffering. Pankaj Shukla of gave the film a negative review but praised Payal Rohatgi calling her a winner as both a sex bomb and an actress. called the film - Eminently distasteful and not the least erotic or even titillating, 'Tauba Tauba' makes a mockery of the audience.


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