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TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting

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Branding  TVQ Kyushu
Affiliations  TXN
Call letters' meaning  JO TV KYushu
Affiliation  TX Network
Channels  Analog: 19 Digital: 26
First air date  April 1, 1991
Founded  1991
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Owner  TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.
TV shows  Time Travel Girl, Nobunaga the Fool, The Rolling Girls, Panty & Stocking with Gart, Rental Magica

TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (TVQ九州放送株式会社, TVQ Kyūshū Hōsō Kabushikigaisha, TVQ) is a Japanese TV station affiliated with TX Network (TXN), broadcasting in Fukuoka Prefecture.



At the point of establishment, the company was named as "TXN Kyushu", because the name "TV Kyushu", which owner side intended to apply, was already registered as a company name by a cable TV station in Saga Prefecture. Since then, nickname of the company is Tele Q (テレQ, Tere kyū). In April 2001, the name of the company was changed to current one, while the nickname remains the same.

Main station

  • Fukuoka 26ch(Digital) 19ch(Analog)
  • Tandem office

  • Kitakyūshū 27ch(D) 23ch(A)
  • Kurume 26ch(D) 14ch(A)
  • Ōmuta 26ch(D) 19ch(A)
  • Yukuhashi 27ch(D) 19ch(A)
  • Munakata 26ch(D) 61ch(A)
  • Dazaifu 45ch(A)
  • Programs

  • Barisugo Max (ばりすごMAX, Barisugo makkusu)
  • Fukuoka Pachi Q (福岡パチQ, Fukuoka pachi kyū)
  • Kyushu Economy Now (九州けいざいNOW, Kyūshū keizai nau)
  • News Fine Fukuoka
  • Nonbiri Hashirō -Kyūshū Tetsudō no Tabi (のんびり走ろう! 〜九州・鉄道の旅〜, lit; Run leisurely pace – Train journey in Kyushu)
  • TVQ Super Stadium (TVQスーパースタジアム, TVQ sūpā sutajiamu) – Live broadcast of Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks games
  • References

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