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Tōru Ōhira

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Occupation  Narrator Voice actor
Name  Toru Ohira
Years active  1952-present
Role  Narrator

Born  September 29, 1929 (age 86) (1929-09-29) Tokyo, Japan
TV shows  Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
Movies  A Goofy Movie, Lupin the Third: The Secret of, Science Ninja Team Gatcham, Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan, Be Forever Yamato
Similar People  Tatsuo Yoshida, Hisayuki Toriumi, Jan Rabson, Tsutomu Shibayama, Kevin Lima

Tōru Ōhira (大平 透, Ōhira Tōru, September 29, 1929 – April 12, 2016) was a Japanese narrator and seiyū from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. He was the founder of Ōhira Production and was also attached to 81 Produce.


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One of his best known roles was the dub voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars, on the series' home video releases. He was also known for his many narration roles, most notably in the Super Sentai series.


He was a very influential figure in the dubbing industry during the Sousei period.

After graduating from Tokyo Metropolitan University Jōnan Senior High School (in which he was also the supervisor of the school's volleyball team), he went on to graduate from the Meiji University Department of Political Science and Economics. In 1954, he joined the Nippon Broadcasting System, in which he became an announcer and producer. In 1955, with the opening of the Tokyo Broadcasting System, he enlisted in its theatrical company. He left the company in 1958 to become a voice artist.

His breakthrough performance was the dubbing voice of Darth Vader in the Star Wars series. He reprised this role for Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and a crossover appearance in Soulcalibur IV- notable because the game was originally in Japanese, meaning that Ōhira was Vader's "original" voice in the game, unlike with the films. In addition, he was usually cast in either astringent villain roles or gag characters, such as Pete in Disney cartoons.

He was a close friend of Kyosen Ōhashi, and the mentor of Shirō Yasutomi.

Television animation

  • Oraa Guzura Dado (1967) (Guzura)
  • The Genie Family (1969) (Hakushon Daimaō)
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (1972) (Doctor Kozaburo Nambu)
  • Dash Kappei (1981) (Seiichiro)
  • Mirai Keisatsu Urashiman (1983) (Gondo)
  • Osomatsu-kun (1988) (Dekapan)
  • The Laughing Salesman (1989) (Fukuzō Moguro)
  • Steal Napoleon's Dictionary! (1991) (Hēkā)
  • One Piece (2000) (Gaimon)
  • Basilisk (2005) (Tokugawa Ieyasu)
  • Ojarumaru (2009) (Denbo Shijiyourou)
  • Theatrical animation

  • The Littlest Warrior (1961) – Mok
  • Lupin III: The Mystery of Mamo (1978) – Stuckey
  • Be Forever Yamato (1980) – Führer Skulldard
  • Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy (1980) – Zoa
  • Doraemon: Nobita and the Winged Braves (2001) – Cyclid
  • Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey (2004) – President
  • Video games

  • Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (Saint Germain)
  • Kingdom Hearts (Mayor of Halloween Town)
  • Kingdom Hearts II (Pete, Mayor of Halloween Town)
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (Pete)
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (Pete, Julius)
  • Sakura Taisen 3 ~Pari wa Moeteiru ka?~ (Duke Calmar)
  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes (Hakushon Daimaō)
  • Soulcalibur IV (Darth Vader)
  • Space Channel 5: Part 2 (President Peace)
  • White Knight Chronicles (Gamarone)
  • Dubbing roles

  • Productions for the Walt Disney Company (Black Pete)
  • Secret Squirrel (Yellow Pinkie)
  • Master of the Flying Guillotine (Fung Sheng Wu Chi)
  • Adventures in Dinosaur City (Big)
  • Adventures of Superman (Clark Kent, Superman)
  • Superman (Jor-El)
  • Django (Major Jackson) (Eduardo Fajardo; 1980 TV Tokyo edition)
  • Star Wars series (Darth Vader (James Earl Jones); home video versions), Boss Nass (Brian Blessed))
  • Mission: Impossible (The Voice on Tape)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (Mayor)
  • Fantasia 2000 (Quincy Jones)
  • The French Connection (Alain Charnier)
  • French Connection II (Alain Charnier)
  • Patton (George S. Patton (George C. Scott))
  • Project A (Governor-general)
  • Monsters, Inc. (Henry J. Waternoose)
  • Cats & Dogs (Presiding Judge Dog)
  • Telly Savalas (TV Asahi)
  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Kelly's Heroes
  • Capricorn One
  • The Flintstones (Fred Flintstone)
  • The Simpsons (Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta))
  • Tokusatsu

  • Spectreman (Chief Kurata)
  • Ninja Buttai Gekko (Narrator)
  • Ambassador Magma (Goa) (body and voice)
  • Spider-Man (Narrator)
  • Super Sentai Series
  • Himitsu Sentai Gorenger (Narrator)
  • JAKQ Dengeki Tai (Narrator)
  • Battle Fever J (Narrator)
  • Denshi Sentai Denziman (Narrator)
  • Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan (Narrator)
  • Dai Sentai Goggle Five (Narrator)
  • Kagaku Sentai Dynaman (Narrator)
  • Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (Narrator)
  • Chōriki Sentai Ohranger (Emperor Bacchushund)
  • Metal Hero Series
  • Uchuu Keiji Shaider (Narrator)
  • 3 Space Sheriff Special Crossover (Narrator)
  • Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion (Narrator)
  • Jikuu Senshi Spielban (Narrator)
  • Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya (Narrator)
  • Kidou Keiji Jiban (Narrator)
  • Successors

  • Taiten Kusunoki - Star Wars Rebels Season 2 (Darth Vader)
  • Shuichiro Moriyama - Horror Express (Captain Kazan)
  • Katsuhiro Kitagawa - Mickey Mouse (Petey Pete)
  • Nobuaki Fukuda - Bonnie and Clyde (Buck Barrow (Gene Hackman))
  • References

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