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Sweden Laundry

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Country of origin  South Korea
Original language(s)  Korean
Genre  Romance Drama Comedy Family Fantasy
Written by  Kim Yoon-hee Lee Eun-young
Directed by  Jung Hwan-suk Kim Seung-il Noh Ji-hye
Starring  Song Ha-yoon Changjo Kim Ian

Sweden Laundry (Hangul: 스웨덴 세탁소; RR: Seuweden Setakso) is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Song Ha-yoon, Changjo and Kim Ian. It aired on MBC Every 1/MBC Dramanet from November 21, 2014 to March 6, 2015 on Fridays at 19:10 for 16 episodes.



Middle child Kim Bom (Song Ha-yoon) had a difficult childhood because her mother showered all her affection on Bom's older brother Eun-chul and her younger sister Eun-sol. Now that Bom is an adult, she runs a laundromat named Sweden Laundry. But she also has the supernatural ability to understand her customers' worries through their laundry. With the help of her employee Yong Soo-chul, Bom uses this to solve the problems of those around her.

Main characters

  • Song Ha-yoon as Kim Bom
  • Sassy Kim Bom runs a laundromat, and helps people with her ability to read their worries through their laundry. She communicates with her grandmother through her dreams. She had a crush on Ki-joon, which ended once she found out that he had a girlfriend.
  • Changjo as Yong Soo-chul
  • He is 24 years old. He is a young and diligent worker who is in love with Bom. His passion is drawing.
  • Kim Ian as Park Ki-joon
  • He is a 27-year-old dentist. He is smart and handsome, and has a girlfriend studying overseas.

    Supporting characters

  • Hwang Young-hee as Mom
  • She is a widow, and works hard to make ends meet. She favors her eldest and youngest children.
  • Oh Sang-jin as Kim Eun-chul
  • Brilliant yet unemployed, he studies all day. He later falls in love with Young-mi.
  • Hwang Seung-eon as Kim Eun-sol
  • Eun-sol is an aspiring actress who doesn't get many roles. She is conceited and has a crush on Soo-chul.
  • Lee Yong-yi as Granny
  • She is deceased and gave Bom the power of reading others' inner thoughts through laundry.
  • Bae Noo-ri as Bae Young-mi
  • Young-mi has been Bom's best friend since they were in school together. She is a loan shark and is in love with Eun-chul.
  • Kim Ji-eun as Yoo Min-yong
  • She is Ki-joon's girlfriend.

    Guest/cameo appearances

  • Jung Ji-soon as naive man (ep 2)
  • Niel as Kim Min-ho (ep 5)
  • Jeon Soo-jin as Hong Bo-hee (ep 6)
  • Choi Eun-kyung as Young-mi's mother (ep 9)
  • Byun Ki-soo as cheating husband (ep 10)
  • Bae Ji-hyun as Han Chae-yeon (ep 10)
  • Hyun Young as Hae-sook (ep 12)
  • Jang Dong-min as Kim Kyung-jin (ep 14-15)
  • References

    Sweden Laundry Wikipedia

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