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Suttor River

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Country  Australia
Source  Leichhardt Range
Basin area  73,936 kmĀ²
Main source  Leichhardt Range 348 metres (1,142 ft)
River mouth  Lake Dalrymple 158 metres (518 ft)
Basin size  73,936 square kilometres (28,547 sq mi)

The Suttor River is a river in Central Queensland, Australia. The Belyando River is its main tributary. The river has its origins in the Leichhardt Range, north west of Glenden.

The river was named by the explorer Ludwig Leichhardt in 1845 during his expedition from the Darling Downs to Darwin.

The Suttor River Causeway is a stone causeway built across the Suttor River on the Old Bowen Downs Road (today at St Anns Road, Mount Coolon). It was built in 1876 by Queensland Department of Public Works and is now listed on the Queensland Heritage Register as a rare example of the road construction techniques and materials employed in the state at the time.

A DIWA wetlands can be found along the course of the river. The 332 hectares (820 acres) wetland known as the Scartwater Aggregation is a floodplain upstream from Lake Dalrymple where the river is split into two major channels by Scartwater Hill, a sandstone outcrop, the channels contain two large permanent waterholes.


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