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Susong County

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Province  Anhui

Susong County (simplified Chinese: 宿松县; traditional Chinese: 宿松縣) is a county in Anhui Province, People's Republic of China, under the jurisdiction of Anqing City. It has population of 800,000 and an area of 2,394 km2 (924 sq mi). The government of Susong County is located in Fuyu Town.


Map of Susong, Anqing, Anhui, China

Administrative divisions

Susong County has jurisdiction over eight towns and fourteen townships.


  • Fuyu (孚玉镇), Fuxing (复兴镇), Xuling (许岭镇), Xiacang (下仓镇), Erlang, Susong County (二郎镇), Liangxiang (凉亭镇), Poliang (破凉镇), Huikou (汇口镇)
  • Townships

  • Chenhan Township (陈汉乡), Aikou Township (隘口乡), Zuoba Township (佐坝乡), Qianling Township (千岭乡), Jiugu Township (九姑乡), Chengling Township (程岭乡), Zhoutou Township (洲头乡), Wujie Township (五里乡), Changpu Township (长铺乡), Beiyu Township (北浴乡), Liuping Township (柳坪乡), Zhifeng Township (趾凤乡), Heta Township (河塌乡), Gaoling Township (高岭乡)
  • References

    Susong County Wikipedia

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