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Survivor Series (2007)

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City  Miami, Florida
Survivor Series (2007)  Survivor Series (2008)
Venue  American Airlines Arena
Promotion  WWE
Survivor Series (2007)  Armageddon (2007)
Date  18 November 2007
Attendance  12,500
Survivor Series (2007) WWE Survivor Series 2007

Theme song(s)  "Tick Tick Boom" by The Hives
Location  American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida, United States
Brands  WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, ECW

Survivor Series (2007) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which took place on November 18, 2007, at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. It was presented by THQ's WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008. It was the 21st annual Survivor Series and starred wrestlers from the Raw, SmackDown!, and ECW brands.


Survivor Series (2007) Survivor Series 2007 The End of a Rivalry

The show's seven matches showcased prominent WWE wrestlers, who acted out the franchise's stories in and out of the ring. The main event featured SmackDown wrestlers in a Hell in a Cell match, in which the ring was surrounded by a roofed steel structure. In this match, World Heavyweight Champion Batista defeated The Undertaker to retain his title. In Raw's main match, Randy Orton defeated Shawn Michaels in a singles match, while in ECW's prime match, ECW Champion CM Punk defeated John Morrison and The Miz in a Triple Threat match to retain the title. Two matches were on the undercard. The first was a singles match, in which The Great Khali defeated Hornswoggle. The other featured Team Triple H (Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, and Kane) defeating Team Umaga (Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, Montel Vontavious Porter, Finlay, and Big Daddy V) in an inter-brand five-on-four Survivor Series elimination tag team match.

Survivor Series (2007) WWE Survivor Series 2007 DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video

Survivor Series helped WWE increase its pay-per-view revenue by $1.2 million, through ticket sales and pay-per-view buys. It received mixed critical reviews by various independent sources, including Canadian Online Explorer and the Pro Wrestling Torch. After its release on DVD, the event peaked at number five on Billboard's Video Sales chart, before it fell off the chart after ten weeks.

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Survivor Series (2007) WWE Survivor Series 2007 match card YouTube

Survivor Series was the culmination of various scripted plots and storylines. For three months before the event, several professional wrestling matches and scripted plots were played out on WWE programming (Raw, Friday Night SmackDown!, and ECW on Sci Fi) to create feuds between various wrestlers, casting them as villains and heroes. Raw, SmackDown!, and ECW were also the names of WWE's televised brands – a storyline division in which WWE assigned its employees to a specific program, thus each brand promoted distinct matches.

Survivor Series (2007) Survivor Series 2007 Review YouTube

At WrestleMania 23, in April, The Undertaker defeated Batista to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Over the course of several months, both men fought in various matches over the title, which eventually involved Edge. The Undertaker was billed as having been injured in one of these matches in May, in which Edge had won the title. During The Undertaker's absence, Edge was injured, and The Great Khali won the title in a Battle Royal. At Unforgiven, in September, The Undertaker returned to WWE, while Batista defeated Khali to win the World Heavyweight Title. Afterwards, the original feud between Batista and Undertaker was restarted and culminated. At Cyber Sunday, in October; Batista retained his title. On the November 2, 2007 episode of Friday Night SmackDown!, a rematch was advertised in a Hell in a Cell match at Survivor Series.

At Cyber Sunday, the WWE fans online voted Shawn Michaels to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Orton retained his title via disqualification. The next night on Raw, a rematch between Orton and Michaels for the title was promoted for Survivor Series. Afterwards, Michaels and Orton fought in different matches over the weeks before Survivor Series. On the episode of Raw before Survivor Series, Michaels and Orton met "Face to Face" in a confrontation, in which Orton attacked Michaels.

The prime storyline on the ECW brand featured ECW Champion CM Punk, John Morrison, and The Miz. Morrison and Punk's rivalry revolved over the outcome of their match at Vengeance: Night of Champions, WWE's June pay-per-view event, in which Morrison defeated Punk to win the ECW Title. Punk sought revenge, but Morrison defeated Punk in two championship matches; however, Punk won the title from Morrison on the September 4, 2007 episode of ECW on Sci fi. At Cyber Sunday, The Miz was voted online by fans to challenge Punk for the ECW Title, though, Punk defeated Miz to retain his title. A Triple Threat match was announced for Survivor Series on the November 13, 2007 episode of ECW on Sci-Fi, in which Punk would defend his title against Morrison and Miz, and the first wrestler to gain a pinfall or submission would win the match and the title.

In a narrative extending to the September 10, 2007 episode of Raw, in which Hornswoggle, a dwarf, was announced as Vince McMahon's illegitimate son. In this storyline, McMahon did not like the fact that Hornswoggle was his son, and as a result, he promoted matches in which Hornswoggle faced much larger opponents. As part of this storyline, McMahon announced that The Great Khali, who was billed as standing at 7 feet 4 inches (2.24 m), would face Hornswoggle at Survivor Series. In a promotional in-ring segment on the episode of Friday Night SmackDown! before the pay-per-view event, Khali and Hornswoggle weighed in for their match, in which Khali weighed double the weight of Hornswoggle; this was a segment created by McMahon to humiliate his son. The event included an inter-brand 5-on-5 Survivor Series elimination tag team match. Announced via WWE.com, WWE's official website, Team Triple H (Triple H, The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff), Rey Mysterio, and Kane would face Team Umaga (Umaga, Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP), Finlay, Big Daddy V, and Mr. Kennedy).

Preliminary matches

The pay-per-view began with the ECW Championship Triple Threat match, in which CM Punk defended the title against John Morrison and The Miz. Throughout the match, The Miz and Morrison double-teamed Punk, however, Miz turned on Morrison by attacking him. After Miz threw Morrison out of the ring, Punk performed a Go To Sleep to retain the Title.

The next scheduled match was an inter-brand 10-Diva tag team match, in which the team of Kelly Kelly, Torrie Wilson, Mickie James, Maria, and Michelle McCool faced Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Layla, and Jillian Hall. Phoenix's team had the advantage over James' team, until James was tagged into the match. She delivered a Clothesline and a Long Kiss Goodnight to Melina to earn the victory for her team.

Next was a tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship, in which the champions, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch defended against Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes. At one point, Holly performed a Clothesline on Cade, and sent Cade and himself onto ringside. In the ring, Murdoch performed the "Ace of Spades" on Rhodes to retain the World Tag Team Championship for his team.

The fourth match was the five-on-five Survivor Series Elimination Tag team match between Team Triple H (Triple H, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, and Kane) and Team Umaga (Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, United States ChampionMontel Vontavious Porter, Finlay, and Big Daddy V). Before the event, it was announced that Matt Hardy would be unable to compete in the match due to a scripted injury. Kane was the first wrestler eliminated after an elbow drop by Big Daddy V. Umaga then eliminated Mysterio after the "Samoan Spike. MVP was eliminated by Hardy after a Twist of Fate. Kennedy was eliminated by Triple H after Big Daddy V accidentally performed an elbow drop on Kennedy. Big Daddy V was eliminated after Hardy and Triple H performed a Double DDT. Finlay and Umaga were then eliminated after a "Pedigree" to Finlay, and a "Swanton" to Umaga. As a result, Team Triple H won.

The Great Khali faced Hornswoggle in the next scheduled match. At one point, Hornswoggle tried to hit Khali with a shillelagh, but Khali slapped Hornswoggle down to the mat. The match ended via disqualification, after Finlay, Hornswoggle's original caretaker, entered the ring and hit Khali in the head with his own shillelagh.

Main event matches

The sixth match was Raw's main match, in which Randy Orton defended the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels. In the match, Michaels was banned from using "Sweet Chin Music", while Orton was unable to get disqualified, and if either man broke those stipulations they would have lost the match. Michaels attempted various submission moves, such as the Sharpshooter, Crossface, and ankle lock. Eventually, Michaels attempted to perform Sweet Chin Music but to prevent himself from losing the match, he stopped, which then allowed Orton to perform an RKO to retain the Title.

The main event from SmackDown was the event's final match, in which Batista defended the World Heavyweight Championship against The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. At one point, Batista performed a Batista Bomb through a table on Undertaker for a near-fall. The Undertaker then performed a Tombstone Piledriver on Batista for a near-fall. The Undertaker then performed another Tombstone Piledriver on top of the steel steps and pinned Batista, but as the referee counted the pin, Edge, dressed as a cameraman, pulled the referee out of the ring, and hit The Undertaker with the camera he was holding and then positioned Undertaker's head on top of the steel steps. Edge then slammed a folding chair onto The Undertaker's head. While the referee re-entered the ring, Edge dragged Batista onto The Undertaker, and as a result, Batista pinned The Undertaker to retain the World Heavyweight Title. After the match, Edge came back into the ring and hit The Undertaker with a chair as he was sitting up.


After Survivor Series, Randy Orton was scripted into a feud with Chris Jericho, who made his return to WWE after a two-year hiatus. The following night on Raw, the evolving feud culminated into a match being promoted for Armageddon, WWE's December pay-per-view. At Armageddon, Orton retained his WWE Title. After Batista retained his World Heavyweight Championship, Edge was scripted into a rivalry with him over his title. Eventually, The Undertaker was also placed in feud, which led to the advertising of a Triple Threat match at Armageddon for the title. At Armageddon, Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship. Due to the events that occurred at Survivor Series, a match was announced between Finlay and The Great Khali for Armageddon. Finlay prevailed at Armageddon via pinning The Great Khali. After surviving their Elimination tag team match, Triple H and Jeff Hardy were promoted into a match for Armageddon, in which the winner would win the opportunity to challenge for the WWE Championship. At Armageddon, Hardy defeated Triple H. Because Beth Phoenix and Mickie James were the leaders of their teams at Survivor Series, a feud evolved from this, which culminated into a match at Armageddon over Phoenix's WWE Women's Championship. Phoenix retained her title at Armageddon.


The American Airlines Arena usually has a capacity of 19,600, which was reduced for Survivor Series due to production purposes. From an approximate attendance of 12,000 and 341,000 pay-per-view buys, Survivor Series helped WWE earn $19.9 million in pay-per-view revenue versus $18.7 million the previous year; this was confirmed by WWE in its 2007 fourth quarter financial report. Although Survivor Series helped WWE's revenue, it earned 42,000 less buys than the previous year's Survivor Series.

In addition, the pay-per-view received mixed reviews. Dale Plummer and Nick Tylwalk of Canadian Online Explorer's SLAM! Sports – Wrestling rated the entire event 7.5 out of 10 points. They also rated Raw and SmackDown's main event an 8 out of 10 points. J.D. Dunn of 411Mania stated that the event was "The best WWE PPV since Backlash." Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch, a professional wrestling newsletter operated since 1987, reported that the main event was "disappointing" and that "WWE set expectations too high for the Cell." He rated the Raw main event 3 out of 5 points, while rating the SmackDown main event 2.25 out of 5 points. Survivor Series was released on DVD on December 26, 2007 by WWE Home Video, and it was distributed by Genius Products. The DVD debuted on Billboard's Video Sales chart on January 19, 2008 at number five. It spent nine more weeks on the chart, before it fell off the chart at number 20.


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