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Surprise class cruiser

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Name  Surprise class
Built  1884–1885
Completed  2
Operators  Royal Navy
In commission  1885–1919
Builders  Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron Company, Jarrow

The Surprise class were two 3rd class cruisers built for the British Royal Navy, and launched in 1885.


Class history

Originally designed as unarmed dispatch ships, they were redesignated as fleet scouts while under construction and fitted with four 5-inch guns, four quick-firing 6-pounders, and two machine guns. Built by Palmers at Jarrow, they displaced 1,700 tons, were 250 feet long, 36 feet 6 inches in the beam, and had a draught of 13 feet. Powered by two 2-cylinder compound steam engines they were capable of 18 knots, and had a crew of 93.


HMS Surprise

The ship was laid down on 14 February 1884, launched on 17 January 1885, and completed in June 1885. After her sister ship was sold in 1913, she was renamed Alacrity, and served during World War I. Sold in 1919.

HMS Alacrity

The ship was laid down on 14 February 1884, launched on 28 February 1885, and completed in July 1885. She saw action during the Boxer Rebellion, taking part in the capture of the Dagu Forts in June 1900. Sold at Hong Kong in September 1913.


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