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Supermodel (You Better Work)

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Released  November 17, 1992
Genre  House dance-pop
Label  Tommy Boy
Format  CD single 12" vinyl
Length  3:59 (album version)
Writer(s)  RuPaul Jimmy Harry Larry Tee

"Supermodel (You Better Work)" is a 1992 song by the dance music singer and drag queen RuPaul. It was the third single (but first major label single) from his album Supermodel of the World.


The song was a dance club anthem that, though particularly popular with gay audiences, found mainstream success due in part to RuPaul's accessible "nice drag queen" image. The song consists of RuPaul giving advice to a young black supermodel, and briefly several other models, largely consisting of "sashay, shantay!", "work, turn to the left", "work, now turn to the right", and "you better work". The music video for the song, featuring RuPaul in various outfits prancing around town, became a staple on MTV. Singer Kurt Cobain of Nirvana cited the song as one of his favorites of 1993, and the two were photographed together at the MTV Video Music Awards that year.

"Supermodel" was a modest hit on the pop charts in both the US (#45) and the UK (#39). It also reached #2 on the US dance chart. This song is RuPaul's highest charting pop hit in the US to date.

The song features spoken word snippets by actress LaWanda Page, who went on to appear in several music videos by RuPaul.

The single is most commonly found on compact disc coupled with "House of Love", which would go on to become a single itself in some markets. Various 12" vinyl releases were also pressed, including a limited edition picture disc in the United Kingdom.

It is also covered by Taylor Dayne from The Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack.

Chart performance

In the United States, the song peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #45 and the Hot Dance Club Play chart at #2. It sold nearly 500,000 copies there. It was not only a hit in the US, it reached #4 on the Canadian RPM Dance/Urban Singles chart and #39 on the UK Singles Chart.

Music video

The music video for "Supermodel (You Better Work)" was directed by Randy Barbato. The music video premiered in 1993 on MTV and was an unexpected success, as grunge (such as Nirvana) and gangsta rap were popular at the time. It tells the story of a little black girl (played by RuPaul) in the Brewster projects of Detroit, Michigan who is spotted by an "Ebony Fashion Fair" talent scout who grows up to become a successful model and is given the title Supermodel of the World. The song features LaWanda Page who has several lines in the song, but does not appear in the music video despite appearances in other RuPaul music videos. The music video is a tribute to RuPaul's early childhood and his career in both the gay community and mainstream culture. The phrase "Supermodel You Better Work" was coined by RuPaul in the 90's.

Track listing

(varies from country to country; this reflects the United States CD single, which sold the most copies)

  1. Supermodel (You Better Work) (Ready to Wear Mix)
  2. Supermodel (You Better Work) (7" Mix)
  3. Supermodel (You Better Work) (Couture Mix)
  4. Supermodel (You Better Work) (La Wanda in Your Face)
  5. House of Love (7" Radio Version)
  6. House of Love (12" Version)
  7. House of Love (Dub)

2006 version

In 2006, RuPaul re-recorded the track with an 80's freestyle inspired backing track and released it as the leadoff single from his album ReWorked. This version reached number 21 on the US dance chart.

Track listing

US 9 Track Maxi-Single

  1. "SuperModel" (El Lay Toya Jam) 3:55
  2. "SuperModel" (Craig C. Havenhurst Vocal) 9:29
  3. "SuperModel" (There, U Just Got Rocked Mix) 4:08
  4. "My Love Sees No Color" (Electrolight Popular Mix) 4:02
  5. "SuperModel" (Clean El Lay Toya Jam) 3:55
  6. "SuperModel" (Craig C. Encino Edit) 3:54
  7. "My Love Sees No Color" (Electrolight Stockholm Mix) 4:38
  8. "SuperModel" (Craig C. Neverland Dub) 9:25
  9. "SuperModel" (Jackopella) 3:45


  1. "SuperModel" (El Lay Toya Jam) 3:55
  2. "SuperModel" (Craig C. Neverland Instrumental) 9:27
  3. "Coming Out Of Hiding" (Trance Gender Mix) 3:25
  4. "My Love Sees No Color" (Electrolight Stockholm Mix) 4:40


  1. SuperModel (Craig C. Encino Edit) 3:55
  2. My Love Sees No Color (Electrolight Popular Mix) 4:03
  3. My Love Sees No Color (Matheos' Dancin' Belly Mix) 4:25
  4. My Love Sees No Color (Electrolight Stockholm Edit) 4:05*
  5. My Love Sees No Color (Electrolight Popular Extended Club Mix) 10:21
  6. My Love Sees No Color (Electrolight Stockholm Extended Club Mix) 11:04[ Södros Hemsida
  7. Supermodel (El Lay Toya Acappella) 3:56
  • (Re)Mix is only a dub/edit
  • Legacy

  • The song was covered by dance-pop singer Taylor Dayne on The Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack in 2003 though some lyrics were changed to tailor to the younger target audience of the film. The following lyrics were changed: "and making love to the camera" being changed to "and smile to the camera" and "a million dollar derriere" being changed to "a million dollar fairytale."
  • The song was included in the compilation All That "Hip Hop", in 2005.
  • Victoria Beckham walked and danced the song on a catwalk during The Return of the Spice Girls in 2007.
  • Iggy Azalea interpolated the song for live renditions of her single "Work" during her 2014 The New Classic Tour.
  • References

    Supermodel (You Better Work) Wikipedia

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