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Sudhanshu Sharma

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Name  Sudhanshu Sharma

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Sudhanshu Sharma (born 19 February 1969) referred to as Dr. Sudhanshu is an Indian educationist, politician and environmentalist. He is well known for his famous satire on Indian political system, "Indians @ rest", which is also famous for its astute and germane solutions of problems faced by Indians. He is the founder of the Peoplesgreen movement, a philosophy that advocates the formation of peoplegreen sector. To achieve the goals of the movement he established a political party, the Indian Peoples Green Party in 2011 and currently, holds the post of National President in Indian Peoples Green Party. He is the co-founder of Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur (India); a non-profit private university established in 2008. He has also served as vice-chancellor of Suresh Gyan Vihar University during 2008–2010. He is organising an annual 'Convention on climate change and water' since 2011 in the city of Jaipur. He was awarded the Eminent Environmental Scientist Award during the 33rd World Environment Congress, New Delhi, India by the International Association of Educators for word peace, an organisation affiliated by UNICEF.


Raag darbari kanada tirana sudhanshu sharma and friends concert for peace


Born in a prosperous Jaipur based Brahmin family, of various recognised personalities. He is grandson of Acharya Purushottam Uttam, a great academician and Sanskrit scholar of pre-independence era. A renowned figure in 'Hindi Andolen' in Rajasthan who strived for the promotion of Hindi for more than a decade. He founded the Sahitya Sadawart Samiti, Jaipur. Dr.Sudhanshu's father Shri Suresh Sharma was an eminent politician of Rajasthan, recognised as a senior leader of Congress Party. Known as the 'Voice of downtroddens', he unflaggingly worked for peoples of minorities and slums throughout his life. Another distinguished personality of the family is his uncle Shri Sunil Sharma, who is an academician and versatile historian. Sudhanshu is having a remarkable academic and research profile. He has got his Doctorate in 1992 in Earth Sciences from MREC, Jaipur (now MNIT). He was also awarded Law Degree from University of Rajasthan.


Indians@rest is a creative non-fiction written by Dr.Sudhanshu, in which he asserts to have given an analysis of the economic, socio-political and external factors throughout the history that are the reasons for the present conditions of the nation. The books first edition was published by the PGP Blog publishing house, New Delhi and the following edition published in ebook form by Partridge Publication, India a collaborated venture of Penguin Books. The book is known to introduce the 'Peoplesgreen' theory and 'Peoples sector'. The book is divided into three sections, the first section of the book "The Rear Mirror" claims to give the past colonial roots that have eroded the minds of Indian people, the second section "India-Now" shows the analogy between the present India and the Colonial India followed by the third section of the book in which writer proclaims that the only possible solution is through 'Peoplesgreen movement'. The book received neutral reviews by the critics, though many believe writer to be unrealistic optimist.

Peoplesgreen Movement

Sudhanshu founded a socio-political movement "Peoples green" in 2010 with destinations of establishing green-sustainable growth, accountable governance, least interference of government in the life of public, human parity and dignity, equal opportunities, entrepreneurial acceleration, restoration of indian culture on globe, retardation of population in India as the first phase of movement. This movement has belief in blend of economic liberty and sturdy private sector with Peoples green or Peoples sector. While coined Peoples green, Dr. Sudhanshu showed a strong faith in control of peoples sector over physical resources of countries for equal distribution of profit to every stakeholder i.e. the citizen. Governments may appoint new executive for best possible management of these peoples sector enterprises during their regime and must offer best possible benefit to all stake holders equally and directly. This will initiate the accountable and most skilful management of governments instead of pseudo social welfares policies. Through this, governments has to distribute the profit of business of peoples sector to the citizens and ultimately can prove the better option for a future government. It is claimed that this philosophy is real solution for wellbeing of downtrodden, for equality and for mitigation of corruption and black economy.

Indian Peoples green Party

With six other founder members, Sudhanshu founded a new political party after due procedures of election commission of India as a registered political party of india. Indian Peoples green Party has started its activities in the largest geographic state of country, Rajasthan. Party has announced to contest in forthcoming assembly elections where there is a 400 million electoral will opt to elect the new government for next five years. This will be the first litmus test of a new philosophy, said Sudhanshu and added "We can make the change."


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