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Steve Andriole

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Nationality  American
Occupation  Author Professor
Name  Steve Andriole

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Born  October 22, 1949 (age 66) (1949-10-22) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Residence  Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States
Books  Technology due diligence, Best Practices in Business, Managing systems requirements, Rapid application prototyping, Revolution and political i

Stephen Andriole (born October 22, 1949) is an American information technology professional and professor at Villanova University who has designed and developed a variety of interactive computer-based systems for industry and government, from positions in academia (Professor, Chairman, R&D Center Director), government (Director of Cybernetics Technology at DARPA) and industry (CIO, CTO, SVP, Director and CEO).


He is well known for the design and development of a global crisis warning system—the Early Warning & Monitoring System—whose output appeared in President Ronald Reagan's Daily Briefing Book. His research portfolio while at DARPA included early funding of the MIT Architecture Machine Group now known as the MIT Media Lab, research in artificial intelligence at Yale University and Carnegie-Mellon University, computer simulation, computer-aided decision analysis and computer-based crisis management. At DARPA, he funded one of the first research programs in counter-terrorism crisis management.

Andriole is also well known for the design and development of the United States' first totally on-line masters program in information systems MSIS, with the support of Alfred P. Sloan Foundation while at Drexel University. He was also the principal architect of the investment strategy of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE) that led to multiple Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of Internet companies with a total market capitalization of over $100B.

He is known for his extensive analysis and publications of over 30 books and 500 articles in information systems engineering, defense command and control, interactive systems design and development, human computer interaction, venture investing, technology due diligence, social media, emerging technology and information technology.

He is a Fellow of the Cutter Consortium, was a charter member of the U.S. government’s Senior Executive Service (SES), received the Defense Meritorious Civilian Service Award for his work at DARPA, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from La Salle University. He currently holds the Thomas G. Labrecque Chair of Business Technology at Villanova University's School of Business where he teaches strategic technology, innovation, entrepreneurialism and technology management.


Andriole was the Director of the Cybernetics Technology Office (CTO) at DARPA where he managed a program of research and development that led to a number of scientific and technological advances in the broad-based information, decision and computing sciences. While at DARPA, he funded the development of spatial data management and multimedia systems, decision support systems, computer-aided simulation and training systems, and intelligent technology-based command & control systems. He funded MIT’s Architecture Machine Group, which evolved into the MIT Media Lab. The CTO program also contributed to applications of the Arpanet, interactive training simulations, such as SIMNET, and a host of artificial intelligence-based applications.


Andriole developed and consulted interactive computer-based resource allocation, forecasting and decision-making systems for the federal government and implemented an interactive system for monitoring the interactions among nations, a system that was originally funded by DARPA as part of his Ph.D. dissertation research, and whose output was published in President Reagan’s Daily Briefing Book. Andriole was the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President for Technology Strategy at CIGNA Corporation, a global insurance and financial services company, where he was responsible for the enterprise information architecture, computing standards, the technology research & development program, data security, as well as the overall alignment of enterprise information technology investments with CIGNA’s multiple lines of business. He was the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE) where he was responsible for identifying technology trends, translating that insight into the Safeguard investment strategy, and leveraging trends analyses with the Safeguard partner companies. Andriole directly participated in raising nearly $1B for Safeguard and its companies.

Entrepreneur, investor and director

Andriole founded International Information Systems IIS, Inc., which designed interactive systems for a variety of corporate and government clients. IIS specialized in requirements analysis and prototyping, the design of user-computer interfaces, and software systems evaluation. He also co-founded the Acentio Group, a company that provides consulting around technology optimization. Andriole also help fund CollegeFanz, ePrivacy Group, Turntide, Avero and ListenLogic, LLC. He is a Director of ListenLogic, Akuda Labs, LiquidHub and the Acentio Group. He served on the Board of Directors of the Ben Franklin Technology Center of Southeastern Pennsylvania for nearly a decade.


Andriole was a (tenured, full) Professor of Information Systems and Electrical & Computer Engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He conducted applied research in information and software systems engineering, principally through the Center for Multidisciplinary Information Systems Engineering, which he founded and directed. While at Drexel University he designed and implemented the nation’s first totally on-line masters program in information systems (MSIS). The program was featured in the nationally broadcast PBS Special "net.learning." He was a Professor and Chairman of the Department of Information Systems & Systems Engineering at George Mason University where he held the George Mason Institute Endowed Chair. The ISSE department was home to 30 professors and had an annual external sponsored research budget of over $5 million. Several research centers were established in the department during this time including the Center for Computer Security, the Center for Software Engineering and the Center for Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence (C4I).

Andriole is currently the Thomas G. Labrecque Professor of Business Technology at the Villanova School of Business, where he teaches in the undergraduate and MBA programs. He teaches Emerging Business Technologies, Technology as a Strategic Lever, Strategic Information Technology and Innovation & Entrepreneurialism.


Andriole was a monthly columnist for Datamation Magazine on business technology convergence for nearly a decade. Andriole was featured in Business Insider and Region’s Business IT’s All About the People was named the #4 Best Book in IT-Business for 2011 by CIO Insight Magazine. He is a contributor to Forbes Magazine where publishes on all things digital.


Andriole received his BA from La Salle University and Master's and Doctorate degrees from the University of Maryland which were supported by a National Defense Education Act Fellowship. His Ph.D. dissertation was funded by DARPA.

Published books

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