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Province  Québec
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Stadacona soul at the moose jaw cultural centre

Stadacona was a 16th-century St. Lawrence Iroquoian village near present-day Quebec City.


French explorer and navigator Jacques Cartier, travelling and charting the Saint Lawrence River, reached it during July 1534. At the time, the chief of the village was Donnacona. Despite efforts by the people of the village, Cartier seized some inhabitants and their chief but later released Donnacona and he agreed for his two sons, Taignoagny and Domagaya, to return with Cartier to France for a year.

Cartier returned with Lord Donnacona’s sons on his next voyage in 1535-1536 where he recorded a word they had used to refer to their home: “They call a town, Canada”. When he and his crew stayed over the winter, they were effectively saved by the Stadaconans who knew how to prepare for them a vitamin-rich broth as a cure for scurvy which had already killed a quarter of Cartier’s crew. The same winter more than 50 Iroquois of the village died from diseases carried by the Europeans. After this, Cartier seized Donnacona, his sons, and seven other inhabitants and took them back to France where nine of the ten would die and none would ever return. Five years later Cartier would come back to Stadacona, but was not welcomed by the Stadaconans. Samuel de Champlain later chose the location of this village to establish the colony of l'Habitation, the start of the settlement of Quebec.

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