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Sri Venkaiah Swamy

Nationality  Indian

Name  Sri Swamy
Sri Venkaiah Swamy srivenkaiahsquarespacecomstorageSriVenkaiahHom
Died  August 24, 1982, Nellore district

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Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy who resided in Golagamudi, also known as Venkaiah Swamy, was an Indian spiritual leader who was and is regarded by his devotees as a saint, Avadhuta, and satguru.

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Sri Venkaiah Swamy was born to Smt Sompalli pitchamma and Sri Penchalaiah as their eldest son at Nagulavellatur - a village in Nellore district. He had two brothers and a sister. At the age of 20 he suffered from fever. This brought about a change in his life. He used to shout chakali yogam, jakali yogam etc. He used to disappear from his home. After a few days he went away to the nearby Penchalakona forest , where it is said that he met his sadhguru.

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After around 20 years he resurfaced in Madras. He returned to Nellore and wandered extensively in the villages around Golgamudi. He first lived at Penna Badvel Thippa. He later went to Kotithirtham ,which he called his Pandari. He used to light the holy fire or gundam, which is still burning in his samadhi mandir. He described this holy fire as equal to worshipping a crore lingas.The last eight years of his life were spent in Golgamudi which he said was holier than Kashi.

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Venkayya Swami was regarded by many villagers as a madman.They couldn't understand that he was an avadhuta.It was Sri Ekkirala Bharadhwaja master who recognized him as a great avadhuta and encouraged many people to visit him. Swamy lived a simple life. He always lived outdoors and preferred to eat food by doing biksha. He cured many diseases. He used to write pramana patras which were prophetic in nature. All his prophecies have come true.A visit to Golgamudi is essential for anybody following the Datta avadhuta tradition. Swami protects his devotees even now in mysterious ways. His miracles have been documented in many books.

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