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Kingdom  Animalia
Infraclass  Helminthomorpha
Scientific name  Spirobolida
Rank  order
Subphylum  Myriapoda
Superorder  Juliformia
Phylum  Arthropoda
Subclass  Chilognatha
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Similar  Spirostreptida, Sphaerotheriida, Polydesmida, Polyzoniida, Rhinocricidae

Spirobolida top 5 facts

Spirobolida is an order of "round-backed" millipedes containing approximately 500 species in 12 families. Its members are distinguished by the presence of a "pronounced suture that runs "vertically down the front of the head". Most of the species live in the tropics, and many are brightly coloured. Mature males have two pairs of modified legs, the gonopods, consisting of the 8th and 9th leg pair: the posterior gonopods are used in sperm-transfer while the anterior gonopods are fused into a single plate-like structure.


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The families are divided into two suborders:

Suborder Spirobolidea

  • Allopocockiidae
  • Atopetholidae
  • Floridobolidae
  • Hoffmanobolidae
  • Messicobolidae
  • Pseudospirobolellidae
  • Rhinocricidae
  • Spirobolellidae
  • Spirobolidae
  • Typhlobolellidae
  • Suborder Trigoniulidea

  • Pachybolidae
  • Trigoniulidae
  • Millipedes spirobolida from a dry forest in western ecuador

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    Spirobolida Order Spirobolida

  • Narceus americanus, a commonly seen species in eastern North America
  • Crurifarcimen vagans, the "Wandering Leg Sausage"
  • Anadenobolus monilicornis, the Yellow-banded Millipede
  • Eucarlia, a genus of threatened Indo-Pacific millipedes

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