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Soulhead (album)

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Released  February 24, 2010
Artist  Soulhead
Label  Avex Trax
Recorded  2009-2010
Release date  24 February 2010
Genre  Hip hop music
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Soulhead (stylized as SOULHEAD) is the first self-titled album by Soulhead. It is their first album under the Avex label, having previously been under Sony Music Entertainment Japan's sub-label onenation. It became their second lowest charting album, only reaching #40 on Oricon and staying on the charts for four weeks.


Soulhead d o g album version produced by octopussy


Soulhead is the female duo's first original studio album since 2006's Naked and is their first album under the Avex label. They were previously under Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

This is also their first album to not contain any preluding singles, which may have been one of the factors towards the album's low ranking. The album was only released in CD format with none of the songs containing music videos.

The album is predominately R&B and hip hop.

Oh her official blog, Yoshika apologized for the four-year wait and thanked those who worked hard to bring the album and the fans who were still there.

Track listing

(Official Track List)


  1. Show Time
  2. Whatever
  3. Cosmic Walking
  4. 9Dayz
  5. 限界ピストルズ (Genkai PISUTORUZU / Limit Pistols)
  6. New Kicks
  7. confession
  8. Plunder
  9. The Battle Of...
  10. All My Dreamer
  11. Fantasy
  12. Pass the love
  13. 大きな世界の小さな僕ら (Okina sekai no chiisana bokura / Small us in the big world)


Show Time3:11
Cosmic Walking3:49


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