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Snakes on a Train

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Director  Peter Mervis
Initial DVD release  January 1, 2006 (USA)
Language  English
2.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Budget  1 million USD
Writer  Eric Forsberg
Snakes on a Train movie poster

Release date  August 15, 2006 (2006-08-15)
Cast  A.J. Castro (Brujo (as Alby Castro)), Julia Ruiz (Alma), Giovanni Bejarano (Miguel), Al Galvez (Julio), Amelia Jackson-Gray (Crystal), Shakti Shannon (Summer (as Shannon Gayle))
Similar movies  I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine, Bloody Moon, Mad Max: Fury Road, John Wick, Salt, Halloween
Tagline  First planes... Now trains!

Snakes on a train trailer

Snakes on a Train is a 2006 direct-to-video action horror film released by The Asylum as a mockbuster on August 15, 2006. Many aspects of the film are inspired by the film Snakes on a Plane, which was scheduled for theatrical release three days later on August 18, 2006.


Snakes on a Train movie scenes

Snakes on a train ending



Although taking the same basic idea from Snakes on a Plane (lots of deadly snakes loose on a claustrophobic, high speed means of transport), the background story of how the snakes end up on the train is completely different.


In the movie, a woman has been put under a Mayan curse which causes snake eggs to hatch inside her belly and eat their way out. In order to recover the "lost pieces" of herself (the snakes), she must travel to Los Angeles where a powerful Mayan shaman can lift the curse. She takes the snakes along with her in small jars. While on the train, bandits attack her, allowing the snakes to escape, endangering the rest of the passengers.


Eventually, and inexplicably, she herself transforms into a gigantic snake and swallows the moving train whole.

Snakes on a Train movie poster

Six passengers manage to escape unharmed, and one of them performs a magic ritual which causes her to vanish. However, one girl is shown to have been unknowingly bitten, suggesting that the curse will remain.


Snakes on a Train movie scenes

  • Alby Castro as Brujo
  • Julia Ruiz as Alma
  • Amelia Jackson Gray as Crystal
  • Shannon Gayle as Summer
  • Giovanni Bejarano as Miguel
  • Lola Forsberg as Lani
  • Carolyn Meyer as Klara
  • Isaac Wade as Martin
  • Madeleine Falk as Nancy
  • Derek Osedach as Mitch
  • Stephen A.F. Day as Conductor
  • Al Galvex as Julio
  • Jay Costelo as Juan
  • Jason S. Gray as Chico
  • Sean Durrie as Dickie
  • Nick Slatkin as Raz
  • Production

    According to co-producer David Rimawi, The Asylum initially had no intention of making the film, but they proceeded when an earlier film project fell through. While looking for international distributors at Cannes, a group of Japanese investors saw the film's poster and asked if there really was a giant snake eating a train (which was originally not part of the film). In response, Rimawi had his crew in Los Angeles add the aforementioned scene to the film to make the Japanese audiences happy.


    The film has received mostly negative reviews. When reviewed by Variety magazine, it was described "neither undiscriminating action fans nor connoisseurs of high camp will find much bite in this latest direct-to-video product from The Asylum." Scott Foy, reviewing the film for Dread Central, asked "how the hell do you produce a rip-off this dispirited?"


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