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Name  Sergio Paredes
Role  Artist

Books  Mundo Animal
Sixeart exhibition baesd on Sixeart the street artists

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Sergio Hidalgo Paredes is a contemporary artist from Barcelona known as Sixe art or Sixeart. He started to paint graffiti in the late 1980s. In the mid-90s he developed his multidisciplinary talents in the fields of sculpture and studio painting. In 2008, Sixeart, Blu, Faile, JR, Nunca, Os Gêmeos painted the Tate Modern in London for the exhibition Street Art. Sixeart belongs to the collective El Equipo Plástico with the artists Nuria Mora, Nano4814 and Eltono.


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Kati Krause wrote in the Wall Street Journal:"Sergio Hidalgo, alias Sixeart,... who was one of the artists featured in the Tate Modern exhibition, started scrawling his name on the walls of his native Badalona, a suburb of Barcelona, in the late '80s, when graffiti was still a novelty in Spain. Despite lacking a formal artistic training, he decided to add a paintbrush and canvas to his usual tools, to great effect: His surrealist, childlike style struck a chord with audiences and art collectors the world over. Today, he is being mentioned -- and exhibited -- together with the likes of Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpies."

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Identity s the demon of badalona sixeart


Sixeart The Graffiti Art of Sixeart Art Nectar

His artwork is a powerful composition of colors and geometrical forms. He sometimes incorporates signs that lead the viewer into his imaginary world inspired by the urban landscape, the city's melancholy, the genetic manipulation, the romanticism for the world that's left behind, the images lost in the passage of time…


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Entre la silla y la madre.- Colectivo equipo plástico. Monterrey. México.

Sixeart Artist Sixeart Artists on ArtDiscover

Booked. - colectiva- Carmichael Gallery. Los Ángeles. EEUU.

Sixeart The Graffiti Art of Sixeart Art Nectar

Identitat,s. Proyecto de cohesión social através del arte. Badalona. España.

Sixeart 562 best 2 Street Urban art images on Pinterest Urban art Street

Indianapolis, IN. -colectiva de perro eroticá. Con un poco gato eroticá.


Sixeart Artist Sixeart Artists on ArtDiscover

SCOPE Miami. Carmichael Gallery. Miami. EEUU.

Sixeart The Graffiti Art of Sixeart Art Nectar

Bac Festival - colectiva-, Centro de cultura contemporánea de Barcelona. Barcelona. Spain.

La cuadra. - colectivo equipo plastico. Centro Cultural de España. Lima. Perú.

Forma y color. colectiva-, N2 Galería, Barcelona. Spain.

Son jóvenes y maestros - colectiva-, N2 Galería, Barcelona. Spain.

“Suenan gallinas con ser humanas",Solo show, Artspace, São Paulo, Brazil

"Son Jovenes y maestros", Group Show, N2 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

"Batalla Perdida", Group show, A.L.I.C.E. Gallery,Brussels, Belgium

"De Chillida a Sixeart. Obra tridimensional", Group show, gallery Manel Mayoral.

"Guerreros",Solo show, N2 Galeria, Madrid, Spain


"Street Art at the Tate Modern", The Tate Modern, London, GB.

"We love Asbaek"- Solo show, Rojo Artspace, Copenhagen, Denmark

"International arte", Live painting, patronage by J&B, Barcelona, Spain

"Nomadaz", Group show, Mediterranean Art Connection, Pablo Aravena, Spain

"Next", Scion Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.


"Mutacion animal y caprichos de la madre naturaleza", Solo Show, A.L.I.C.E. Gallery, Brussels, BE.

"Art Loft" 2007, Los Angeles, USA.

"III Hip-Hop and Urban Culture Festival", Live painting,Madrid, Spain.

"III International Festival of the Arts in Castilla and León, Live Painting, Spain.

"Sixeart & Raul de Dios, N2 Galería, Barcelona, Spain.

"Rio Loco" Festival, Toulouse, FR.

"Arte Urbano Festival, Live Painting, Bilbao, Spain

"III HIPNOTIK Festival, Barcelona, Spain

"Nuit Blanche", Live Painting, Madrid, Spain

"Museum of Contemporary Art Pamplona, Live Digital painting, Pamplona, Spain


SIN INTENCION, Cercle 22, Barcelona, ES.

MALOS CON FLEQUILLO, Galería Subacuatica, Madrid, ES.



CHEETAH GIRLS 2, decorative pictures and murals for the movie, Disney Production, Barcelona, ES.

TUC TUC, murals and sculptures for the children's clothing brand, Logroño, ES.

LOIS, murals and catalog design 2005-2006, Barcelona, ES.

"IBIZA URBAN" Festival - Graffiti exhibition, Ibiza, ES.

MARC MARTI, participation in the catalogue, Barcelona, ES.

STEREO, Participants Ventura Pons, Juanito del Pinocho, Mariscal, Juli Capella, Sixeart.

ROJO® SMART Collective Exhibit, Invaliden1, Berlin, D.

ROJO® Nike "Air a little less gravity" - special edition in cooperation with NIKE - selected artists

ROJO® ROJO®out 1ª, "d'Art Urbà Publicitari" - International masters of Urban Art under patronage of J&B, Barcelona, ES.

"BOMBIT" Participation in the Documentary, Director and producer JOHN REISS, San Francisco 2005-2006, USA.

"AEROSOL" Documentary, 3rd Finalist at the Goya Prize, Director Michael Rolano, Madrid, ES.

"ATLANTIS phase 1" Documentary, directed by, Sergio Aguilar, Madrid, ES.

"NEXTS", Participation in documentary about Urban Art, Director Pablo Aravena, Madrid, ES.


BRIGADAS AL MURO, Galería La Santa, Barcelona, ES.


International Festival for Contemporary Art, Barcelona, ES.

TRAS LA PARED, Galería Antta Gallery, Madrid, ES.

CAMEL ART, Directed by the Fura del Baus, Barcelona, ES.

STREET ART, AN EVOLVED ARTFORM CONTINUING TO EVOLVE, Discussion, Fundación Artium de Álava, Vitoria, ES.

URBAN ART, International Graffiti Festival, Gran Canaria, ES.

PRIMER ASALTO. PUBLIC ART IN ZARAGOZA- Urban Interventions and expo in Puerta Cinería, Zaragoza, ES.

VOLCON, Mural in the official store, Tarifa, ES.

KINA FERNANDEZ, Decoration and exhibit of clothing line, Cibeles, Madrid, ES.

TOYR2, Veinte Cuatro Quilates Store, Barcelona, ES.

CARHARRT, Decor of shop window and shop, Barcelona, ES.


NARBONA, Decortion of playground with mural, Montpellier, FR.

SIXEART-LAMANO, Skate Park Mural, Montpellier, FR.

"LA MOSTRA" Festival for new Creators, Mural in Central Station, Milan, IT.

"CAMELART" Festival for new Creators, First Prize Graffiti, Madrid, ES.

URBAN ART Festival, Mural Paintings, Sevilla, ES.

FEM 3 Festival for new Creators, Collective Mural, Madrid, ES.

CAMELART 3 Finalista, Alternative Sculpture, Madrid, ES.

SCHWEPPES, Live Painting for Drink Launch, Sonar, Barcelona, ES.

XDYE Catalogue, Mural decoration, Barcelona, ES.

ZAIRA DOLÇ, Clothing Collection, Fashion Show, Pasarela Gaudí, Barcelona, ES.


BABA FESTIVAL- Festival for new Creators, Barcelona, ES.

LOUIS VUITTON, Live Mural Painting, Barcelona, ES.

JOSEP FONT, Decor of Fashion Show, Barcelona, ES.

CIMARRON, Decor of Fashion Show, Barcelona, ES.


NIŇOS MALOS CON FLEQUILLO, Galería Laboratorio 27, Barcelona, ES.

KOSMOPOLITE, Galería Taxi Gallery, Bagnolet, París, FR.

TROMPELLIER DOS MIL DOS, Galería S.T.Ravi, Montpellier, FR.

LA VIDA, Galería Cercle 22, Barcelona, ES.

SIN INTENCION, Galería Cercle 22, Barcelona, ES.


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