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Singam Puli

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Director  Sai Ramani
Release date  March 4, 2011 (India)
Country  India
4.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Action
Language  Tamil
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Release date  4 March 2011 (2011-03-04)
Songs  Figaru
Cast  Jiiva (Ashok and Siva), Ramya (Shwetha), Honey Rose (Gayatri), Santhanam (Bujji Babu)

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Singam Puli (English: Lion, Tiger) is a 2011 Indian Tamil-language action-masala film directed by Sai Ramani, starring Jiiva in dual roles, with Divya Spandana and Honey Rose being paired opposite him, while Santhanam plays a pivotal role. The film was released on 4 March 2011. Film was dubbed into Telugu as Simham Puli and in Hindi as "Do ka tarka" . This flim is a "Above average success" at boxoffice.


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The film has a deceptively casual beginning: a middle-class family consisting of parents (Kuyili and Ponvannan), a daughter and twin sons—Shiva (Jiiva), who works in a fish-market and Ashok Kumar (Jiiva, again), who is a lawyer. Shiva is a typical hero who attacks baddies with his bare fists; a rugged man who'll brook no injustice. Devout Ashok's goodness is a facade that hides his evil womanizing nature. Both have romantic interests; Shweta (Divya Spandana) is Shiva's long-time sweetheart. Ashok's life is one long, lustful journey as he charms every woman he meets into his bed. This is where the tale picks up. Shiva can do nothing right as far as his parents are concerned; they trust the Ashok and always misunderstand Shiva’s righteous anger and his every attempt to show up his Machiavellian twin fails. Ashok, on the other hand, is pally with the local goons and uses his brains to assist them in their nefarious activities. Matters come to a head when Ashok lures a girl called Gayatri (Honey Rose) with false pretences, ends up in having sex with her and eventually causing her to suicide when he learns that she becomes pregnant. Shiva lodges a complaint on Ashok but this fails as he couldn’t prove that whether it was him or Ashok who did the crime due to their faces. Shiva comes to know that a security man who saw Ashok pushing Gayatri from the roof. He tells the security man to meet him in the evening. But he is killed by Ashok as the security man saw him in the evening and thought him as Shiva. Shiva comes to know this thus begins a cat-and-mouse game between the siblings. This causes anger to the younger one and he tries to kill his elder brother. He employs a gang to kill his elder brother. Eventually the elder brother knows this plot and confronts him. During the fight the younger brother get killed by his own man. The elder brother walks with his father who for the first time accepts him.


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  • Jiiva as Shiva and Ashok Kumar "Ashok"
  • Divya Spandana as Shwetha
  • Honey Rose as Gayatri
  • Santhanam as Bujji Babu
  • Ponvannan as Shiva and Ashok Kumar's Father
  • Pandu as Shwetha's Father
  • Kuyili as Shiva and Ashok Kumar's Mother
  • Meera Krishnan as Shwetha's Mother
  • Soundtrack

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    All songs scored by Mani Sharma.

    Critical reception

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    Rohit Ramachandran in gave the film 2/5 stars stating that "Singam Puli is a mildly entertaining film that is worth checking out if you're looking for popcorn escapism". Rediff wrote "This cat-and-mouse game does work, most of the time. Fewer songs and a taut climax would have made for a more exciting watch." Behindwoods wrote "For his debut project, Sai Ramani has chosen a mainstream commercial subject taking in sibling rivalry with clearly etched out characters which could have worked wonders but unfortunately he has not capitalized this aspect in weaving an engaging tale. The inconsistent narration meanders through the course of the film with its lumpy episodic nature that fails to have an engrossing effect on the audience." Sify wrote "Sai Ramani directed Singam Puli, is an uninspiring 2 hours 45 minutes masala film that takes the viewer for granted. The film is loaded with glamorous dream songs, fights, skin show and double meaning dialogues and crass comedy." Mid-Day wrote "Debutant Sai has chosen a dead old theme of fight between twins who represent good and bad. This could have been forgiven if he had worked up a good script to tell this tug-of-war between the brothers".

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