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Simple Life (Elton John song)

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Chris Thomas

6:25 (album version) 4:51 (single version)

Elton John, Bernie Taupin

"Simple Life" is a song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin and was the fourth single release from John's 1992 CD, The One. "Simple Life" was John's thirteenth number one on the Adult Contemporary chart. The single spent three weeks at the number one spot and reached number thirty on the Billboard Hot 100.


Differences between the album version and single version

The single remix of "Simple Life" is somewhat different from its album counterpart. The single version has a faster tempo, a more defined drumbeat, more harmonica, less synthesized bass, and is over ninety seconds shorter than the version found on The One; whilst the album version is 6:25 minutes in length, the single version is 4:54 minutes long. The single version also omits the chorus after the second verse, contributing to its shorter length.

Formats, pressings, and availability

The single remix of "Simple Life" can be found on 7" vinyl, audio cassette single, CD single pressings and a rare radio-only promo compilation released in 1992. The radio-only promo disc containing the single remix was released prior to the "Simple Life" CD single and was out-of-print before it was released to the market. The radio-only promo was, as implied through its name, released only to radio stations. Moreover, the radio-only promo was only released in major U.S. cities and not Britain, making the radio-only promo disc pressing extremely rare.


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