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Short Wave on a Cold Day

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Released  2001
Artist  Thought Industry
Label  Metal Blade Records
Producer  Thought Industry
Release date  11 September 2001
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Genres  Alternative rock, Art rock
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Thought industry satan in the giftshop

Short Wave on a Cold Day is the sixth album released by Kalamazoo-based art rock band Thought Industry. It was released in 2001 on Metal Blade Records.


Track listing

  1. Satan in the Gift Shop (Oberlin) 6:47
  2. I'm Lonely (and Grooving Like Cancer) (Oberlin) 4:00
  3. The Waitress in the Bar Orbiting Io (Oberlin) 4:18
  4. Burning Coal With Margaret (music: Baldwin/words: Oberlin) 3:55
  5. Tall Ships on the Rocks (Oberlin) 3:30
  6. Kiss Judy Fly (music: Roche/words: Oberlin) 3:09
  7. The Measure of our Miles (music: Roche/words: Oberlin) 3:59
  8. Lovers In Flames (music: Roche/words: Oberlin) 3:13
  9. A Week and Seven Days (music: Borkowski/words: Oberlin) 3:53
  10. Particle Hustler (Oberlin) 2:47
  11. Longfellow (music: Taylor/words: Oberlin) 4:01
  12. Hello, Murder (music: Roche/words: Oberlin) 4:44
  13. So Says Ike (Oberlin) 3:11
  14. Beautiful Coma (music: Roche/words: Oberlin) 4:16
  15. Interstellar Fix, 2056 (music: Roche/words: Oberlin) 6:13
  16. Alien and Pure (Oberlin) 4:53
  17. 4:59


  • Brent Oberlin - vocals, guitar
  • Mike Roche - guitar
  • Cameron Taylor - drums
  • Jeff Borkowski - guitar, keyboards
  • Mark Baldwin - bass guitar
  • Produced by Thought Industry
  • Songs

    1Satan in the Gift Shop6:47
    2I'm Lonely (and Grooving Like Cancer)4:01
    3The Waitress in the Bar Orbiting Io4:18


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