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Shiriuchi Station

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Operated by  JR Hokkaido
Connections  Bus stop
Closed  14 March 2014
Line(s)  Kaikyo Line
Status  Closed
Opened  1990
Shiriuchi Station
Location  Shiriuchi, Kamiiso District, Hokkaido Japan
Address  48-13 Yunosato, Shiriuchi, Kamiiso District, Hokkaido Prefecture 049-1221, Japan
Similar  Yoshioka‑Kaitei Station, Tappi‑Kaitei Station, Kikonai Station, Okutsugaru‑Imabetsu Station, Esashi Station

Shiriuchi Station (知内駅, Shiriuchi-eki) was a railway station on the Kaikyo Line in Shiriuchi, Hokkaido, Japan, operated by Hokkaido Railway Company) JR Hokkaido. Opened in 1990, it closed in March 2014. The undersea Seikan Tunnel to the main Japanese island of Honshu is not far from this station.



Shiriuchi Station was served by the Kaikyo Line, which connects Honshu with the northern island of Hokkaido via the Seikan Tunnel. Only Hakuchō and Super Hakuchō limited express services stopped at this station, with just two trains in each direction stopping daily in 2013.

Station layout

The station had two side platforms serving two tracks. The platforms were connected to the station entrance by a footbridge.


Shiriuchi Station opened in 1990. The station was closed from the start of the 15 March 2014 timetable revision to make way for Hokkaido Shinkansen construction work. Following the closure of the station, the signal located there was renamed Yunosato-Shiriuchi (湯の里知内).

Surrounding area

  • National Route 228
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