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Shaolin Temple (1976 film)

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Genre  Action, History
Producer  Run Run Shaw
Country  Hong Kong
7.1/10 IMDb

Director  Chang Cheh
Sequel  Five Shaolin Masters
Language  Mandarin
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Release date  1976 (1976)
Writer  Cheh Chang, Kuang Ni
Cast  Alexander Fu Sheng (Fang Shih Yu), Chi Kuan-Chun (Hu Hui Gan), Wai Wang (Hong Xi Guan), David Chiang (Hu Te-ti), Ti Lung (Tsai Te-cheng), Johnny Wang Lung-Wei (Ma Fu Yi)

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Shaolin Temple a.k.a. Death Chambers is a Shaw Brothers film directed by Chang Cheh. It is one of the Shaolin Temple themed martial arts films and concerns their rebellion against the Qings, with an all-star cast featuring the second and third generations of Chang Cheh's stable of actors including David Chiang, Ti Lung, Alexander Fu Sheng and Chi Kuan-Chun, as well as cameo appearances by several of the actors that would later become collectively known as the Venoms mob. The film serves as a pseudo prequel to Five Shaolin Masters.


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Shaolin Temple (1976) - Full Movie


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The film opens with the chief Shaolin Monks realizing that time is not on their side and they must train more fighters to fight the Qings. The monk Hai Hsien (Shan Mao) opposes this as he is secretly working for the court. Outside many men are sitting in front of the temple waiting to be accepted in, Fang Shih Yu (Alexander Fu Sheng), Ma Chao-hsing (Tony Liu) and others, as the temple tests the will of potential students by making them wait outside for days, eventually the two are accepted in for "training". Fang Shih Yu becomes frustrated immediately as Shaolin methods of teaching martial arts are rather obscure, although Ma Chao-hsing begins learning the five animal styles from the start.

Shaolin Temple (1976 film) Shaolin Temple 1976 YouTube

Elsewhere, escaped Ming soldiers Tsai Te-cheng (Ti Lung), Hu Te-ti (David Chiang), Yen Yung-chun (Szu Shih), and Ma Fu Yi (Wang Lung Wei) arrive close to Shaolin looking for a place to hide from the Qing. Hu Te-ti suggests they go to Shaolin and they are instantly accepted, which frustrates three more students trying to get acceptance into the temple, Lin Kwong Yao (Kuo Chui), Huang Sung Han (Lee I Min), and Hu Hui Chien (Kuan-Chun Chi). The three are eventually accepted and begin their obscure training. Tsai Te-cheng learns the wing chun style from a strange female monk and Hu Te-ti learns the iron whip. This forces Hai Hsein to secretly go to the court and report to Prince Hoo (Lu Feng) that Shaolin has been training new fighters.

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The Qing scheme to destroy Shaolin. Hai Hsein returns to Shaolin looking to recruit more traitors to set up the temple for a raid. All the accepted students become close friends and proficient in their kung fu, except for Fang Shih Yu (who is unknowingly learning tiger boxing but is impatient). He keeps getting into fights with Ma Fu Yi, who is disgruntled with being at Shaolin. A mysterious figure at night (perhaps his friend Ma Chao-sing) begins teaching Fang Shih Yu the tiger-crane style and he defeats Ma Fu Yi in a friendly spar. This sparks the curiosity of Hai Hsein as he takes Ma Fu Yi under his wing and recruits him as a traitor. Things begin to go sour at the temple due to the treachery of Hai Hsein and Ma Fu Yi and it is eventually attacked by thousands of Qing soldiers, and an all-out battle occurs at Shaolin Temple with only eight Shaolin devotees escaping the ensuing massacre.


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  • David Chiang – Hu Te-Ti
  • Ti Lung – Tsai Te-Cheng
  • Yueh Hua – Li Se Kai
  • Wang Chung – Fang Ta Hung
  • Tony Liu – Ma Chao-Hsing
  • Wang Lung Wei – Ma Fu Yi
  • Alexander Fu Sheng – Fang Shih-Yu (Fong Sai-yuk)
  • Kuan Chun Chi – Hu Hui Chien
  • Frankie Wei Hung – Hung Hsi-Kuan
  • Kuo Chui – Lin Kwong-Yao
  • Lee Yi-Min – Huang Sung Han
  • Tang Yen-Tsan – Chu Tao
  • Shan Mao – Shaolin monk Hai Hsein
  • Chiang Sheng – Shaolin monk Man Yue
  • Shih Szu – Yen Yung-Chun
  • Ku Feng – King Man Kuei
  • Lu Feng – General Hu Pei-Chi
  • Tsai Hung – General Ching
  • Wong Ching – General Shin
  • Lo Mang – Junior monk
  • Wei Pai – Junior monk (slain by Manchu archers)

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