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Shai Abuhatsira

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Name  Shai Abuhatsira

Role  Public servant
Shai Abuhatsira

Shai Abuhatsira (Hebrew: שי אבוחצירה; born July 19, 1980) is an Israeli public servant and is currently the active deputy mayor of the city of Haifa. Abuhatsira is the youngest figure ever to serve in this position in Haifa's history.



Abuhatsira, the son of Eliyhau and Nelly, was born and raised in Kiryat Ata and is of Jewish Moroccan descent. He is a distant relative of the famous Sephardic Jewish rabbi, Baba Sali. Abuhatsira is the fourth son in his family and he has three sisters. He graduated from high school at age 18 and shortly after his mandatory military service, he attended the University of Haifa.

National Union of Israeli Students

In 2004 Abuhatsira was elected as the chairman of the University of Haifa student union. During his time he made comprehensive efforts and played an important part in promotion of students, academic environment accessibility to disabled students and the building of the students legal and academic status in front of the university management and directive board. In 2006 Abuhatsira was elected to the position of deputy chairman in the National Union of Israeli Students. During his time he played an important part in the tuition reduction national campaign, which was accompanied with national scale strikes and students demonstrations.

Haifa City Council

During 2008 Abuhatsira and major other public activists founded the Tzeirey Haifa (Hebrew: צעירי חיפה) political party, who participated Haifa's local city elections. The party has achieved success in first elections manners and managed to gain two mandates. Abuhatsira was entered to city council coalition, headed by the elected mayor, Yona Yahav, and became the deputy mayor and the head of the youngsters population affairs.

During his time, Abuhatsira has helped in many young population initiatives and is known as an important supporter of city's growth development and students promotion.


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