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Symbol  SecY
TCDB  3.A.5
OPM protein  2wwb
Pfam  PF00344
OPM superfamily  19
Pfam  structures

Sec61 is an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane protein translocator (aka translocon). It is a doughnut shaped pore through the membrane with 3 major subunits (heterotrimeric). It has a region called the plug that blocks transport into or out of the ER. This plug is displaced when the hydrophobic region of a nascent polypeptide interacts with another region of Sec61 called the seam, allowing translocation of the polypeptide into the ER lumen.

Human proteins

  • SEC61A1
  • SEC61A2
  • SEC61B
  • SEC61G
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