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Kremmen: The Movie

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Country  United Kingdom
Director  John Sunderland
Language  English
Kremmen: The Movie movie scenes Collection of video media VHS tapes mainly and the Kremmen movie on DVD Not pictured Best Of Kenny Everett s Naughty Bits as it was out on loan

Writer  Barry Cryer, Ray Cameron
Release date  1980 (UK)

Kremmen: The Movie is a 1980 science fiction comedy film written and produced in Great Britain, starring comedian Kenny Everett. The film itself is centred on Everett's sci-fi character, Captain Kremmen, a pastiche of Dan Dare.


Kremmen: The Movie movie scenes 7 vinyl of the Kenny Everett Mike Vickers theme to Kremmen The Movie


Kremmen: The Movie movie scenes Captain Kremmen of the Starcorps

After a whole eon, Kremmen has been awarded The Most Fabulous Man in the World Apart from God Award, and is presented with an enormous, fully automated spaceship shaped like a Brain. While Dr. Gitfinger examines the controls, Carla persuades Kremmen to have casual sex with her in their private quarters.

Kremmen: The Movie wwwmuutanetKennyEverettPictsKremmenMovieLPfjpg

On Earth, the United Nations, along with David Frost, hold a secret meeting concerning an unknown matter and decide to alert Kremmen, who is now watching a documentary-film about trawler fishing in the North Sea with Carla. They return to Earth and go to meet the homosexual Head of Universal Security, simply named "Q", who informs Kremmen that planets are disappearing.

Along with their new robot Benny, Kremmen and the crew follow what appears to be a giant space-monster (who is apparently eating the planets) into the Snoop Galaxy, where the ship is swallowed whole by the monster. By pumping the Oxygen reserves into the monster's stomach, the ship is vomited out of the stomach and the crew are saved.


  • Throughout Everett's previous history with the Kremmen series, Gitfinger was named fully as Dr. Heinrich von Gitfinger. In this, he is named Wolfgang Amaedus Gitfinger (as a play on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  • The ship's voice changes halfway through the film for an unknown reason
  • The monster is never actually defeated, and the fate of the already-consumed planets is not revealed
  • The colour of Q's dress suddenly changes from red to yellow to green throughout his monologue.
  • Reaction

    Having been used to the animation of Cosgrove Hall Films, few fans warmed up to the crude animation (provided by Norwood Studios in Leeds), and the continuous references to its thin plotline became monotonous after a while. The film was a straight-to-video release, accompanied by 30 minutes of dance routines by Hot Gossip. Like Everett's other film, Bloodbath at the House of Death, it is unavailable in the United States.


    All characters depicted are played by Kenny Everett:

  • Captain Kremmen
  • Carla
  • Dr. Gitfinger
  • The above three are the only characters to have appeared in the TV series who appear in the film. Below are characters completely new to the Kremmen series:

  • Sam the Stoolie (A sentient stool in a bar, Kremmen's undercover contact)
  • Benny the Hunchbacked Robot
  • Ship (The personality of Kremmen's new ship)
  • Q (The homosexual Head of Universal Security)
  • Arnie "I once played a club on The Moon but there was no Atmosphere" Schwarz (A robotic TV presenter)
  • References

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