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Schwarzkopf ("black head" in German) refers to:


Place name

  • Schwarzkopf (Bavarian Forest), a mountain of the Bavarian Forest ula
  • Schwarzkopf (Black Forest), a mountain located in the northern parts of the Black Forest
  • Schwarzkopf (Spessart), a mountain in the Bavarian part of the Spessart
  • Czech Republic
  • The German name for Čerchov, a mountain in the Upper Palatine Forest located in the Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Schwarzkopf (Ankogel Group) (3,172 m (AA)), a mountain of the Ankogel Group
  • Schwarzkopf (Glockner Group) (2,764 m (AA)), a mountain of the Glockner Group
  • Schwarzkopf (Venediger Group) (2,996 m (AA)), a mountain of the Venediger Group
  • Schwarzkopf (Zillertal Alps) (3,045 m (AA) and 3,082 m (AA)), a mountain with two peaks in the Zillertal Alps
  • Family name

  • Anton Schwarzkopf (1924–2001), a German roller coaster designer and head of Schwarzkopf GmbH
  • Dietrich Schwarzkopf (born 1927), German journalist and Professor
  • Dame Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, DBE (1915–2006), a German-born Austrian/British soprano opera singer and recitalist
  • Eric Schwarzkopf (born 1922), American World War II soldier
  • Franz Schwarzkopf (born 1927), a German roller coaster designer
  • Joachim von Schwarzkopf (1766–1806), a German jurist and historian, who served as a diplomat for the Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg
  • Karl Schwarzkopf (1884–1954), German jurist, public official and politician
  • Klaus Schwarzkopf (1922–1991), a German actor
  • Lilli Schwarzkopf (born 1983), a German heptathlete
  • Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr. (1895–1958), first superintendent of the New Jersey, USA state police
  • Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. (1934-2012), United States Army general, leader of coalition forces in the 1991 Gulf War
  • Paul Schwarzkopf (1886–1970), an Austrian pioneer of powder metallurgy
  • Companies

  • Schwarzkopf GmbH, a defunct German producer of roller coasters (see: Anton Schwarzkopf)
  • Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag, a German publishing house
  • Schwarzkopf, a German haircare brand owned by Henkel
  • Schwartzkopf


  • Daniel August Schwartzkopf, first German rose grower
  • Karl-Aage Schwartzkopf (born 1920), Swedish writer
  • Tabba Schwartzkopf, US-actress
  • References

    Schwarzkopf Wikipedia

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