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Kingdom  Animalia
Infraorder  Psychodomorpha
Scientific name  Scatopsidae
Higher classification  Psychodomorpha
Order  Fly
Suborder  Nematocera
Superfamily  Scatopsoidea
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Family
Scatopsidae Scatopsidae BugGuideNet
Similar  Fly, Anisopodidae, Insect, Trichoceridae, Lonchopteridae

The minute black scavenger flies or "dung midges", are a family, Scatopsidae, of nematoceran flies. Despite being distributed throughout the world, they form a small family with only around 250 described species in 27 genera, although many await description and doubtless even more await discovery. These are generally small, sometimes minute, dark flies (from 0.6 to 5 mm), generally similar to black flies (Simuliidae), but usually lacking the humped thorax characteristic of that family.


Scatopsidae Dipterainfo Discussion Forum Scatopsidae whihc genus

The larvae of most species are unknown, but the few that have been studied have a rather flattened shape and are terrestrial and saprophagous.

Scatopsidae Dipterainfo Discussion Forum Scatopsidae 1

Scatopsids are a well established group and fossils are known from amber deposits dating back to the Cretaceous period.

Scatopsidae Dipterainfo Discussion Forum Scatopsidae whihc genus

Scatopse notata (Linnaeus, 1758) is a cosmopolitan species. Its larval stages are found in decaying plant and animal material.

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Menemerus bivittatus gray wall jumper consuming and stalking scatopsidae sp


  • Anapausis Enderlein, 1912
  • Apiloscatopse Cook, 1874
  • Arthria Kirby, 1837
  • Aspistes Meigen, 1818
  • Austroclemina
  • Borneoscatopse
  • Brahemyia Amorim, 2007
  • Coboldia Melander, 1916 (sometimes erroneously as Colboldia)
  • Colobostema Enderlein, 1926
  • Cooka Amorin, 2007
  • Diamphidicus Cook, 1971
  • Efcookella
  • Ectaetia Enderlein, 1912
  • Ferneiella Cook, 1974
  • Hawomersleya Cook, 1971
  • Holoplagia Enderlein, 1912
  • Mesoscatopse
  • Neorhegmoclemina
  • Parascatopse Cook, 1955
  • Parmaferia Cook, 1977
  • Procolobostema
  • Protoscatopse
  • Psectrosciara Kieffer, 1911
  • Quateiella Cook, 1975
  • Reichertella Enderlein, 1912
  • Rhegmoclema Enderlein, 1912
  • Rhegmoclemina Enderlein, 1936
  • Rhexoza Enderlein, 1936
  • Scatopse Geoffroy, 1762 (sometimes erroneously as Scatops or Scathops)
  • Swammerdamella Enderlein, 1912
  • Thripomorpha Enderlein, 1905
  • Name

    The family name Scatopsidae literally translates to "looks like feces" (from Greek skat "dung" and opsi "appearance"), but this seems to be a misinterpretation. It is derived from the genus Scatopse, which was misspelled as Scatops.


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