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Scaredy Squirrel (TV series)

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Paul Intson

Directed by
Matt Ferguson

Developed by
Matt FergusonJillian Ruby

Voices of
Terry McGurrinJonathan GouldPatrick McKennaJayne EastwoodDavid BerniLinda KashJamie WatsonDwayne Hill

Sidekick (TV series), Almost Naked Animals, Numb Chucks
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Scaredy Squirrel is a Canadian animated comedy television series based very loosely on the Scaredy Squirrel book series by Mélanie Watt. The series premiered in Canada on April 3, 2011 on YTV.



The series chronicles the adventures of Scaredy, an energetic squirrel, and his best friend Dave, a skunk. Their antics take place in fictional Balsa City, and often at the local supermarket the Stash n' Hoard, where Scaredy works as a stacker.

Main characters

  • Scaredy (voiced by Terry McGurrin) - A smart, germophobic, and occasionally shy squirrel who works as a stacker at a grocery store called Stash 'n Hoard and is fond of cleaning.
  • Dave (voiced by Jonathan Gould) - Scaredy's best friend who is a blue skunk.
  • Nestor (voiced by Patrick McKenna) - Nestor is a yellow canary who is the manager of Stash 'n Hoard. He is also Scaredy's boss and one of his enemies.
  • Momma (voiced by Jayne Eastwood) - A grouchy pastel pink bird who owns the Stash n' Hoard, and who is Nestor's mother. Momma makes surprise appearances at any time, and is fond of firing people.
  • Paddy (voiced by David Berni) - A gray, egotistical ferret who is always making trouble for Scaredy.
  • Richard - Richard is Scaredy's inanimate pet plant. Richard seems to be slightly sadistic as seen when he forces Scaredy to wear the "Hat of Pain".
  • Sally (voiced by Linda Kash) - A turquoise trout who is deeply in love with Scaredy. Sally has lots of confidence and she thinks she and Scaredy could be a good couple, when in truth Scaredy is freaked out by her.
  • Mildred (voiced by Jamie Watson) - A frog who works at the Stash n' Hoard and seems to be Nestor's only friend. She is always seen drinking a bottle of soda and is always burping.
  • Buck (voiced by David Berni) - A beaver who works at the Stash n' Hoard. He is friends with Scaredy and Dave.
  • Hatton (voiced by Dwayne Hill) - A donkey who works at the Stash n' Hoard. He is friends with Buck, Scaredy and Dave.
  • Recurring and minor characters

  • Millie (voiced by Laurie Elliott) - A strange cow that lives in Balsa City. Often seen dancing. She also licks Scaredy in his sleep.
  • Philmore (voiced by Terry McGurrin) - An excited, nervous, fast-talking peacock that frequents the Stash n' Hoard.
  • Sue - A female version of Scaredy who Scaredy has a crush on. She wears a green dress and has a pony-tail. She first appeared in the episode "Acting Silly", but also appears at the beginning of the theme song.
  • Broadcast

    Scaredy Squirrel premiered in Canada April 1, 2011 on YTV. The US debut on Cartoon Network was on August 9, 2011. The Latin American debut was on January 2, 2012. The UK station POP started to air episodes January 5, 2013, and is currently being shown in regularly scheduled programming on Kix!. The Gaeilge debut on TG4 Ireland on 2015. It is currently available for streaming on Netflix.


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