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Sarina Singh

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Ethnicity  Indian–Australian
Movies  Beyond the Royal Veil
Role  Writer
Name  Sarina Singh
Subject  Writing

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Occupation  Writer; Travel guidebook author
Education  Business Degree (Melbourne, Australia); Postgraduate Journalism (Melbourne, Australia)
Books  Lonely Planet India, Aboriginal Australia & the Torre, Pakistan & the Karakora, South India & Kerala, Mauritius - Reunion & Seychelles

Message from Sarina Singh, Organizer of the Infamous Free Speech Event (THE SAAD TRUTH_543)

Sarina Singh is an Australian writer and travel author. She has been published by a wide range of international newspapers and magazines and has been a senior author and columnist for travel publisher Lonely Planet.


True North's Andrew Lawton with Sarina Singh

Early life

Singh's father came to Australia in 1955 to study medicine at the University of Melbourne. In an editorial, Singh wrote that when her father arrived in Australia from India via Fiji, where his own father had moved the family in the aftermath of World War I, Australia was still "ruled by the now-infamous White Australia policy." She described herself as "an Australian of Indian descent, who has lived in Melbourne most of her life". Singh also wrote that her parents valued quality education and that she and her brothers were educated in private schools in Melbourne. She studied at Melbourne’s prestigious Lauriston Girls' School and her brothers attended Scotch College.Both of her brothers are Doctors of Medicine.

Writing career

Singh has contributed to around 50 Lonely Planet books (usually as senior author) including many editions of the bestselling India guidebook, as well as Rajasthan, Aboriginal Australia & the Torres Strait Islands, North India, Mauritius, Réunion & Seychelles, Pakistan & the Karakoram Highway, South India, Australia & New Zealand, Delhi, Melbourne, Sydney and Africa. She has been interviewed by dozens of broadcasters, including the BBC and ABC, for her travel expertise. She has also written travel articles for various global publications including National Geographic Traveler and Condé Nast Traveller. National Geographic refers to Singh as an "India expert". Singh was commissioned by Maharana Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur to write, Polo in India: a tribute to Maharaj Prem Singh.

Beyond the Royal Veil

In 2002 Singh co-wrote and co-directed a 52-minute television documentary program, Beyond the Royal Veil. The documentary, a German-Australian co-production for the Australian public television network, SBS, is set in India and depicts the changing roles of two royal families in former princely states and the challenges they face to stay viable in modern-day India. The documentary premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival, before screening on television in Germany and on SBS in Australia.


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