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Saratov Oblast

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Economic region

Administrative center

100,200 km²

Federal district

December 5, 1936

Area rank

Saratov Oblast russiatrekorgimagesphotosaratovoblastlandsca

Saratov, Khvalynsk, Balakovo

Clubs and Teams
BC Avtodor Saratov, Kristall Saratov, Viktoria-Saratov, Energetik Saratov

Points of interest
Recreation Park "Hvalyn", Radishchev Art Museum, Saratov Regional Museum, Uchebno‑nauchnyy tsentr "Botanich, City Beach

Colleges and Universities
Saratov State University, Saratov State Technical, Saratov State Academy, Saratov State Medical, Saratov State Agrarian

Volsk saratov oblast

Saratov Oblast (Russian: Сара́товская о́бласть, Saratovskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast), located in the Volga Federal District. Its administrative center is the city of Saratov. As of the 2010 Census, its population was 2,521,892.


Map of Saratovskaya Oblast, Russia


The oblast is located in the southeast of European Russia, in the northern part of the Lower Volga region. From west to east its territory stretches for 575 kilometers (357 mi), and from north to south for 330 kilometers (210 mi).

The oblast borders on:

  • Volgograd Oblast to the south
  • Voronezh and Tambov oblasts to the west
  • Penza, Samara, Ulyanovsk and Orenburg oblasts to the north;
  • the Republic of Kazakhstan to the east
  • Natural resources

    Of particular agricultural importance are valuable agricultural ordinary and southern chernozyom areas; chestnut soils are widespread. The oblast has many water resources: besides the river Volga (which divides the oblast in two) there are many identified sources and mineral-water deposits.


    During the Soviet period, the high authority in the oblast was shared between three persons: The first secretary of the Saratov CPSU Committee (who in reality had the most authority), the chairman of the oblast Soviet (legislative power), and the Chairman of the oblast Executive Committee (executive power). In 1991, the CPSU lost all its power, and the head of the Oblast administration, and eventually the governor was appointed or elected alongside elected the regional parliament.

    The Charter of Saratov Oblast is the fundamental law of the oblast. The Legislative Assembly of Saratov Oblast is the province's standing legislative (representative) body. The Legislative Assembly exercises its authority by passing laws, resolutions, and other legal acts and by supervising the implementation and observance of the laws and other legal acts it passes. The highest executive body is the Oblast Government, which includes territorial executive bodies such as district administrations, committees, and commissions that facilitate development and run the day-to-day matters of the province. The Oblast administration supports the activities of the Governor who is the highest official and acts as guarantor of the observance of the oblast Charter in accordance with the Constitution of Russia.


    Population: 2,521,892 (2010 Census); 2,668,310 (2002 Census); 2,686,483 (1989 Census).

    Ethnic groups: most of the ethnic Germans who used to live in the area have been repatriated. The German Consulate in Saratov closed in June 2004, stating that there were only 18,000 ethnic Germans left in the oblast (including 2,000 in the city of Saratov)

    There were twenty recognized ethnic groups of more than two thousand persons each in Saratov Oblast at the time of the 2010 Census. The ethnic composition was reported to be:

  • Russians:(87.6%);
  • Kazakhs:(3.1%);
  • Tatars:(2.2%);
  • Ukrainians:(1.7%);
  • Armenians:(1%);
  • Azerbaijani:(0.6%);
  • Chuvash:(0.5%);
  • Mordovians:(0.4%);
  • Germans:(0.3%);
  • Belarusians:(0.3%);
  • Chechens:(0.2%);
  • 2.1% others.
  • 64,878 people were registered from administrative databases, and could not declare an ethnicity. It is estimated that the proportion of ethnicities in this group is the same as that of the declared group.
  • Births (2008): 27,492 (10.7 per 1000)
  • Deaths (2008): 39,291 (15.2 per 1000)
  • Vital statistics for 2012
  • Births: 28 364 (11.3 per 1000)
  • Deaths: 35 664 (14.2 per 1000)
  • Total fertility rate: 2009 - 1.41 | 2010 - 1.40 | 2011 - 1.40 | 2012 - 1.51 | 2013 - 1.54 | 2014 - 1.57 | 2015 - 1.60 | 2016 - 1.55(e)


    According to a 2012 official survey 30% of the population of Saratov Oblast adheres to the Russian Orthodox Church, 4% are unaffiliated generic Christians, 1% are Orthodox Christians who believe but aren't members of any church or are members of non-Russian Orthodox churches. 2% are Muslims, 1% of the population adheres to Rodnovery (Slavic folk religion), and 0.5% adheres to forms of Hinduism (Vedism, Krishnaism or Tantrism). In addition, 38% of the population declares to be "spiritual but not religious", 16% is atheist, and 7.5% follows other religions or did not give an answer to the question.


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