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Country  Iran

Population  133,331 (2006)
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Saqqez (Persian: سقز‎‎), also known as Saghez, Saqez, Saqqiz, Saqiz, and Sakīz, is a city which is the capital of Saqqez County, Kurdistan Province, Iran. According to the 2011 census, its population was 139,738.


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The Kurds and their Iranian ancestors have lived in Saqqez and its surrounding area since about 1000 BC. By the mid-seventh century BC the Scythians reached their zenith in western Asia under Bartatua, and the Saqqez region was their political center. During the pre-Islamic era Saqqez and its surrounding area made up a small country, Sagapeni, believed to be related to the ancient Iranian Sakas (Scythians) from which the city's name derives. Saqqez has two parts: historic and new.


Saqqez has a variety of wildlife, including bears (wrch), wolves, squirrels, partridge, eagles, foxes, antelope, quail and hogs.


At an altitude of 1,476 metres (4,842 feet), Saqqez has a varied climate with cold snowy winters and hot dry summers. According to the Köppen climate classification, the city has a hot-summer variant of the continental Mediterranean climate. In summer, the temperature fluctuates widely due to the thin, dry air and low summertime humidity. In 1969 Saqqez recorded a temperature of −36 °C (−33 °F), the lowest ever recorded by an Iranian weather station until Kheirabad Zanjan recorded −36.4 °C (−33.5 °F) on January 29, 1997. Saqqez again reached −36 °C. during the February 3–9 1972 Iran blizzard. Saqqez unofficially reached −45.8 °C (−50.4 °F) in December 2006 and −42.3 °C (−44.1 °F) in January 2007, the lowest temperatures recorded in an Iranian city.


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