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Sang e Mar Mar

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Also known as
Daasi (TV series)

Directed by
First episode date
1 September 2016

Number of seasons

Written by
Mustafa Afridi

Country of origin

Final episode date
9 March 2017

Sang-e-Mar Mar SangeMar Mar OST Lyrics HUM TV Drama lyrics

Family dramaSerial dramaRomantic drama

Mikaal ZulfiqarKubra KhanNoman IjazSania Saeed

Sammi (2017 TV series), Sadqay Tumhare, Mann Mayal

Sang-e-Mar Mar (Urdu: سنگِ مر مر‎) (previously titled Daasi) is a Pakistani romantic drama serial that was first aired on Hum TV on 1 September 2016. It stars Sania Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar and others. It is the fourth appearance of Noman Ijaz on Hum TV after his 2013 appearance in the serial Rehaai. It is the second appearance of Uzma Hassan and with Tipu Sharif after their appearance in the 2015 serial Mohabbat Aag Si and Uzma Hassan's second appearance with Mikaal Zulfiqar as well after their 2014 serial Tum Meray He Rehna.


The entire production was shot in the Swat District, mainly in the village of Ronyal and its outskirts.


Sang-e-Mar Mar Real Ages of Sange Mar Mar Episode 25 February 2017 Hum TV Drama

This wonderful show of Sang-e-Mar Mar depicts story of Pathans, starring the strict head of the family, Gulistan Khan (Noman Ijaz) married to Shameem (Sania Saeed). They have three sons, Safiullah (Omair Rana), Aurang (Meekal Zulfiqar), and Goher (Agha Mustafa Hassan); and a daughter, Bano (Uzma Hassan). The drama opens with the death of Gulistan's aged father Baran Khan (Qazi Wajid) whom he kills with his own hands at Baran's request.

Sang-e-Mar Mar Sange Mar Mar Episode 8 20th October 2016 On Hum Tv

Gulistan Khan follows strict Pakhtoon traditions including a hatred for western clothing, which is considered a threat to Pakhtoon traditional values. Gulistan's youngest son Aurang Khan was sent to Peshawar University and unlike his elder siblings, he possesses an urban and liberal thought and his only emotional attachment is with his mother, for whom he often visits his village "Garhi Baran."

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The second storyline involves Shireen (nicknamed Shiri, played by Kubra Khan), the younger sister of Saif-ur-Rehman (Tipu Sharif), a contractor. Shireen lives with her elder brother and his scheming and selfish wife, Pari. As a child, Shireen had a crush on Aurang, as they studied at the same Madrasa, but since both families live in different villages and Saif-ur-Rehman despises Gulistan Khan, this makes it difficult for Shireen to think about Aurang. The third storyline involves Gulistan Khan's daughter, Bano, who was forcibly married to Torah Khan (her cousin) by his late grandfather. Bano is an abusive wife who hates her husband, as she feels she is too beautiful for him (because she is light-skinned and of “pure” Pathan heritage). Torah Khan is the nephew of Gulistan Khan and is ostracized by his family members due to his Bengali heritage on his mother's side. Torah gains his revenge, despite being a generally nice man, by scheming against Gulistan's family.

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The storylines converge with Gulistan's second son Goher, a cruel, spoiled goon. Goher is a womanizer, and sets his sights on Durkhane (Shireen's friend). He writes love letters to Durkhane, who falls in love with him and confides to Shireen. Shireen warns Durkhane that he is conning her, but it is all in vain. Unfortunately, Pari, Shireen's sister-in-law, thought that Shireen was having the affair. Torah found out about Goher's love affair and sent one of his spies after him. Goher met Durkhane on a shore of a stream where he tried to trap Durkhane, but she refused to even show her veiled face. Goher asked Durkhane to meet him again next week, and gifted her with bangles and a pranda (braid band).

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Torah's spy, Bulbul, saw Goher and a veiled girl together and when Durkhane left for her home, Bulbul started spying on Durkhane in order to find her home. Durkhane went to Shireen's home (typically known as Saif-ur-Rehman's home), so Bulbul misunderstands and thinks that Saif-ur-rehman's sister was the girl, and reports this back to Torah. Meanwhile, Durkhane shows Shireen the bangles and pranda and asked her to keep the pranda for herself. Despite Shireen's protests, Durkhane tied the pranda in Shireen's braid. A village midwife arrived at Shireen's home to see Pari, who is pregnant. The woman, Gul, sells prandas and recognized the pranda in Shireen's braid and told Pari that Gulistan Khan's son bought the pranda from her some days ago for someone, and that Shireen must be in an affair him. Pari plans to tell this to Saif-ur-Rehman so that Shireen will get married soon.

Torah decides to tell Saif-ur-Rehman about his sister's affair; meanwhile, Aurang plans to leave for Peshawar. Shireen and Durkhane come to know about the true identity of Goher (that he is Gulistan's son) and that he is going to cheat her, so both girls decide to return the gifts to him. Pari reveals that she "knows" about Shireen's affair, confronting her about it. This time, Shireen wants to go on behalf of Durkhane to meet Goher and return the gifts, but Durkhane insists she should go instead. Torah's spy lies to Saif-ur-Rehman about Shiri meeting Goher, and in a rage, he leaves to go kill them for honor's sake. Durkhane returned the gifts to Goher and asked him that if he truly loves her to send a proposal to her house, causing Goher to become angry and harass Durkhane. Saif-ur-Rehman arrives with his men, caught Goher, but not any girl; at this point Saif-ur-Rehman still thinks that it was Shireen. In a rage, he shoots Goher to death. Durkhane was left heartbroken and now only Shireen, Durkhane and Pari are the ones who know that Shireen is innocent. Shireen decides to take the blame for Durkhane, and no one confesses the truth.

Goher's father and older brother, Safiullah, are enraged by Goher's murder and decide to kill Saif-ur-Rehman as soon as they find out that he is the killer. However, Pari goes to Gulistan Khan and pleas for mercy, promising Shireen's hand in marriage to his son as penance. Shireen is overjoyed by the fact that she is going to marry the love of her life, Aurang, but finds out that she is going to marry Safiullah on her wedding day as the molvi reads her nikkah. Heartbroken and betrayed, she leaves to start her new life as Safiullah's wife and a woman given in "faisla."

Shameem reveals to Aurang about Gulistan's past killing of his sister-in-law Rakhi (Torah's mother) because she wore sari and was dancing in the rain, which he felt was inappropriate. Torah's spy tells Safiullah that it was Goher who always met with his new wife Shireen, not knowing she was Durkhane, as she came to the river veiled.

Safiullah asks Aurang to secretly take Gulalai to the city and take her to a gynecologist. Shameem overhears this and tries to stop Aurang from taking Gulalai, for if Gulistan Khan finds out, he will be enraged, as he finds the city corrupt. This stops Aurang and Safiullah's plans. Gulalai accuses Shireen of eavesdropping on the conversation and tattles to Shameem. Though Shireen is innocent, Safiullah believes Gulalai and out of anger, hits Shireen. Shameem forces Gulalai to apologize to Shireen for blaming her, and falsely, Gulalai apologizes to Shireen and promises to Shameem that she won't go to the city. Aurang soothes Shiri, and Gulalai leaves for her brother's house, in another village, at Gulistan's request (he wants Safiullah and Shireen to have time alone together). Gulalai and Safiullah have other plans: she is to leave with Aurang for the city from her brother's house.

Before Aurang leaves for city, he and Shameem visit Bano. Aurang and Palvasha have a romantic conversation between them, and Bano interrupts angrily when Aurang says that he one day is going to marry Palvasha. When Bano tells her mother, Shameem is happy but to quiet Bano she lies that Aurang said that he won't marry a village girl. Later, when an overjoyed Shameem tells this to Shireen she is immensely heartbroken.

With time, Shiri lets go of her love for Aurang and gives Palvasha the peacock feather that Aurang gave to Shireen when they were young, a sign that Shireen understands that Aurang is destined to be Palvasha's and not hers.

To get his revenge for his brother's death, Safiullah kills Saif-ur-Rehman, goaded on by Tohra, who wants to set them both up for disaster so he can amass more property. Torah shoots Safiullah, mad that once drunk, Safiullah told Torah that if he died childless all of Tora's wealth would go to Safiullah's children. Meanwhile, Aurang and Gulalai return to their village from the city, having found out that Gulalai has no fertility problems, and is just anemic. Aurang halts the car to do an errand, and following him, Gulalai exits the car to cross the road. She is hit by a fast-approaching truck and dies. As the news of the three deaths is revealed to the respective families, they all break down. Even Gulistan Khan cries.

Aurang is now the only remaining son of Gulistan Khan, and the two repair their relationship. Gulistan reveals the "mad dog" that he feels is cursing his life; he partakes in the haram practice of usury. After much deliberation and Shameem breaking down at dinner, begging Gulistan Khan to stop taking interest under the guise of business, Aurang wraps all of his father's once locked away accounting books with the yellow sheet traditionally laid over someone that has gone mad from a dog's bite and burns them to ashes. Palvasha arrives at Aurang's house at night under the guise of bringing Shameem food, but Aurang sees through her attempts at being coy, and the two flirt. Unbeknownst to them, Shiri stands outside, hearing every word and looking stricken at how in love they are.

Zarri, an aunt of Pari, convinces her to set up her son, Kalimullah, with Durkhane. Pari agrees in order to eliminate the last person who knows the truth about who had an affair with Goher, and when Durkhane's brother Sharifullah, a laborer from Dubai, arrives, he consents to this proposal. Durkhane mourns the deaths occurring around her and blames herself for Shireen's suffering; she goes to offer Shireen her condolences, and at her brother's request, vows to cheer her up. Shireen insists that Durkhane look forward to the life ahead of herself instead of craving death, wistfully reciting the days of the wedding Durkhane will have that Shireen herself did not experience. Meanwhile, Sharifullah stays in Pakistan and works for Pari as a zameendar, and at first wanted to remarry Shireen, but falls prey to Pari's hateful words against Shiri, who she resents once again for having a share in Saif-ur-Rehman's will, and declares her a dirtied woman; he then forbids Durkhane to visit Shiri again.

Shireen does not know what to do - and in the meantime Gulistan Khan asks Shireen if she would like to marry Aurang. Durkhanay tells her brother that it was her who used to see Gauhar, not Shireen and gives her a pistol and a Quraan and expects him to kill her but he doesn't, as he hears the call to prayer and decides against killing her. He says he would like to marry Shireen and Durkhanay and her brother decide to go to Gulistan Khan's house and ask for Shireen's hand, without letting Pari know about this. When Durkhanay and Shireen meet, Shireen tells Durkhanay that her young dream of marrying Aurang is coming true. Durkhaney tells Shireen that her brother wants to marry Shireen after knowing everything. But after knowing about the possible match between Shireen and Aurang, she backs off and is happy for Shireen.

The relationship between Gulistan Khan and Aurang is becoming slightly better but Aurang overhears his father telling Shamim that he killed Baraan Khan as a mercy killing. He is angry and leaves the house. Bano is contacted by Pari as Pari hears about Aurang and Shireen's match. Bano decides to tell Aurang that Shireen is 'impure' and is responsible for the murder of Safiullah and Gauhar. Pari falsely swears on the Quran and gives birth to a still born child. She slowly loses touch with reality and becomes completely delusional. Durkhanay sees this and is afraid of her own fate since she also has concealed the truth. She decides to go to Garhi Baraan and speak to Gulistan Khan. In the meantime, Aurang has told Shireen that he had never loved her but in fact had always been in love with Palwasha for as long as he knew what love was. Shireen is devastated and curses Aurang. She is provoked by Bano and almost attacks her with a scissor - Bano raises a ruckus and tells everyone that Shireen attacked her. Shireen decides to do the unfathomable - she tells everyone that she is indeed responsible for the death of Gauhar since she was the one who had an affair with him. Shamimi slaps her and Bano starts beating her up brutally with a stick and Aurang, Palwasha, Gulistan Khan, Shamim and Torah Khan quietly watch this happening. Torah Khan also sees his mother in his flashback as Gulistan Khan beat his mother up and broke her legs. He tries to console her and Bano hits him on the head too. Aurang gets up to stop Bano but Palwasha tells him to sit back down.

It is here when Durkhanay comes with the letter that Goher gave her and confesses the entire truth. How Goher left her gifts. How she would go to meet him. How Shireen advised her against meeting him. How Goher met her that fateful day on the Black Hill where he attempted to sexually harass her but she tried to get away and that's when Saif-ur-rehman kills Goher. Durkhanay has also confessed to this all to her husband who has apparently accepted her despite this past - because they are seen going back to their own village on their motorcycle together.

Upon hearing this, everyone feels stricken. Shamim is seen on the prayer mat praying for forgiveness. However Aurang leaves for the city with his new smiling wife, Palwasha. Shameem begs forgiveness from Shireen. Torah Khan asks Shireen to marry him. Shireen accepts and now Torah and Shireen are married. Bano heartbroken goes to her father's house. Next day, Torah Khan wanted Shireen to wear his mother's sari but she said she don't know how to wear. He told he can help her and slaps her saying that she tried to hurt her sister Palwasha by loving Aurang. Both of them go to Gulistan's house, after Shireen goes inside, he points his gun to Gulistan Khan to take revenge for his mother's death telling that if he did not let Bano go with him he will kill him like he killed Safiullah and Goher. He was about to shoot Gulistan Khan, Shamim, who overhears that Torah Khan killed her sons, shoots Torah Khan to death, claiming that she took Safiullah's and Goher's deaths revenge from him.


  • Mikaal Zulfiqar as Aurang
  • Kubra Khan as Shireen
  • Noman Ijaz as Gulistan Khan
  • Sania Saeed as Shameem
  • Paras Masroor as Torah
  • Sharmeen Ali as Palwasha
  • Uzma Hassan as Shehrbano "Bano"
  • Beenish Raja as Durkhanay
  • Tipu Sharif as Saif Ur Rehman
  • Omair Rana as Safiullah
  • Kaif Ghaznavi as Pari
  • Najiba Faiz as Gulalai(Dead)
  • Agha Mustafa Hassan as Goher
  • Hassan Noman as Bulbul
  • Abdullah Khan as Baru Kaka(Driver)
  • Ahmed Ali
  • Khalida Nasreen
  • Arshad Hussain
  • Khalida Yasmeen
  • Nasir
  • Amjad
  • Naik Muhammad
  • Iffat Siddiqui
  • Zahida Tarha
  • Guest appearance

  • Qazi Wajid as Baran Khan (Dead) Gulistan Khan's father, (can be seen only on flashbacks)
  • Suhaee Abro as Rakshi (Dead) Torah's and Palwasha's mother,(can be seen on flashback)
  • Child stars

  • Sanan
  • Roshina
  • Abdul Basit
  • M Asad Khan
  • Ijaz Gul as (Nakli Angraiz)
  • Dilawar Khan as Goher (Child)
  • Noman Ali Siraj as Nasir Khan Jan
  • References

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