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Rushdy Abaza

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Rushdy Abaza


Qismat Abaza

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Full Name
Rushdy Said Bughdady Abaza

3 August 1926 (
Mansoura, Egypt

July 27, 1980, Cairo, Egypt

Sabah (m. 1977–1977), Samia Gamal (m. 1958–1977), Taheyya Kariokka

Fikri Abaza, Ragaa Abaza, Hamed Abaza, Mounira Abaza, Zeinab Abaza

Wife Number 13, Struggle on the Nile, The Ten Commandments, A Man in Our House, Aatham Tafel fi El Aalam

Similar People
Samia Gamal, Taheyya Kariokka, Ahmed Ramzy, Sabah, Soad Hosny

Rushdy Abaza|speed drawing|رشدي اباظة

Rushdy Said Bughdady Abaza (Egyptian Arabic: رشدي أباظة‎‎) (August 1926 – 27 July 1980) was an Egyptian actor. He was a member of the wealthy Abaza family. He has been known as one of the most charming actors to appear in the Egyptian film industry. He died of Brain Cancer at the age of 53.


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Rushdy Abaza Rushdy Abaza Bio Facts Family Famous Birthdays

Rushdy Abaza was born in Mansoura, Egypt, to Egyptian father, Said Abaza, belonging to one of Egypt's richest and most well-known families, the Abaza family, and Italian mother Tereza Luigi. Rushdy attended school at Collège Saint Marc in Alexandria.

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From his father’s side he had three half-sisters, Ragaa, Mounira, Zeinab and one half-brother, Fikri (an actor). From his mother's side, he had one half-brother, Hamed. His only child is a daughter, Qismat.


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  • Tahiya Karioka, Egyptian actress and dancer
  • Barbara, American mother of his only child, Qismat
  • Samia Gamal, Egyptian dancer (his longest marriage)
  • Sabah, famous Lebanese singer
  • Nabila Abaza
  • Filmography

    He appeared in more than 100 films from 1948 to 1980; many of which in starring or co-starring roles with the most notable Arabic actors and actresses such as 1972 film titled My Dear Daughter (in Arabic - Ebnati al-Aziza) 1 Najat Al Saghira;


  • Al-Millionaira al-Saghira, also known as The Little Millionaire
  • 1949

  • Zou al-Waghain, a.k.a. The Man with Two Faces
  • 1950

  • Amina, 1950.
  • Emraa Menn Nar, a.k.a. A Woman of Fire
  • 1952

  • Al-Osta Hassan, a.k.a. Hassan the Craftsman
  • El-Montasser, a.k.a. The Conqueror
  • Awladi, a.k.a. My Children
  • 1953

  • Shamm al-Nesseem, a.k.a. The Spring Festival
  • Mouamara, a.k.a. Conspiracy
  • 1955

  • Erham Domouie, a.k.a. Pity My Tears
  • Enni Rahhela, a.k.a. I Depart
  • Gaaluni Mogremann, a.k.a. They Made Me a Murderer
  • Arayess Fel-Mazad, a.k.a. Brides for Auction
  • Fortune carrée a.k.a. Square Fortune
  • 1956

  • Mann al-Qattel?, a.k.a. Who Is the Murderer?
  • Mawed Gharam, a.k.a. Appointment of Love
  • Bahr al-Gharam, a.k.a. Sea of Love
  • Ismaeel Yassin fel-Boliss, a.k.a. Ismaeel Yassin in the Police
  • Ezzay Ansak, a.k.a. How Would I Forget You
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Dalila
  • 1957

  • Tamr Henna, a.k.a. Tamarind
  • Port Said
  • Lan Abki Abadan, a.k.a. I Shall Never Weep
  • 1958

  • Jamila, a.k.a. Jamila Buhreid
  • Emraa fel-Tareeq, a.k.a. A Woman on the Road
  • La Anam, a.k.a. Sleepless
  • Soultan, 1958.
  • Tareeq al-Ammal, a.k.a. The Road of Hope
  • Toggar al-Moat, a.k.a. Death Merchants.
  • Qoloob al-Azara, a.k.a. Hearts of the Virgins
  • 1959

  • Seraa Fel-Nil, a.k.a. Struggle on the Nile
  • Ana Baree'a, a.k.a. I am Innocent
  • Bafakkar Felli Nassini, a.k.a. Thinking of Who Forgot Me
  • Qatte' Tareeq, a.k.a. The Highwayman
  • Maleesh Gherak, a.k.a. I Have None But You
  • Samraa Sina, a.k.a. The Brunette of Sinai
  • 1960

  • Al-Moraheqat, a.k.a. Teenage Girls
  • Ana wa Ommi, a.k.a. My Mother and I
  • Kholkhal Habeebi, a.k.a. My Love's Bugle
  • Leqaa Fil-Ghoroob, a.k.a. Meeting at Sunset
  • Malak wa Shaytan, a.k.a. Angel and Devil
  • Mufattesh al-Mabaheth, a.k.a. The Police Inspector
  • Nehayat al-Tareeq, a.k.a. End of the Road
  • Al-Raggol al-Thani, a.k.a. The Second Man
  • Ya Habeebi, a.k.a. My Beloved
  • 1961

  • Bela Awdah, a.k.a. No Return
  • Fi Bayttena Raggol, a.k.a. A Man in Our House
  • He Talata
  • Hob wa Herman, a.k.a. Love and Deprivation
  • Qalb Fi Zalam, a.k.a. Heart in the Shadows
  • Al-Zogah Raqam Talattashar, a.k.a. Wife Number 13
  • 1962

  • Wa Islamah, a.k.a. Oh Islam
  • Sett el-Banat, a.k.a. The Lady of All Women
  • Ah Menn Hawwa, a.k.a. Beware of Eve
  • Shahidat al-Hob al-Elahi, a.k.a. Martyr of Divine Love
  • 1963

  • La Waqt lel-Hob, a.k.a. No Time for Love
  • Al-Maganin Fi Naeem, a.k.a. The Insane Are in Bliss
  • Tareeq al-Shaytan, a.k.a. The Way of the Devil
  • Al-Saherra al-Saghira, a.k.a. The Young Charming
  • Aroos al-Nil, a.k.a. Bride of the Nile
  • 1964

  • Al-Tareeq, a.k.a. The Road .
  • Al-Shayatin al-Talata, a.k.a. The Three Devils
  • 1965

  • Ganab al-Safeer, a.k.a. His Excellency the Ambassador
  • 1966

  • Saghira Ala Al-Hob, a.k.a. Too Young to Love
  • Zawga Menn Paris, a.k.a. A Wife from Paris
  • Howa wal-Nessaa, a.k.a. He and Women
  • Al-Moshagheboon, a.k.a. Troublemakers
  • Shaqqet Al-Talabba, a.k.a. The Students' Apartment
  • Addow Al-Maraa, a.k.a. Enemy of Women
  • Shaqawet Reggala, a.k.a. Naughty Men
  • "Mawwal" with Sabah the Lebanese Singer (A Ballad)
  • 1967

  • Al-Aib, a.k.a. Shame
  • Endama Nohheb, a.k.a. When We Love
  • Gareema fil-Hayy al-Hadi, a.k.a. Crime in the Calm District
  • Al-Qobla al-Akhira, a.k.a. The Last Kiss
  • 1968

  • Baba Ayez Keda, a.k.a. Dad Wants So
  • Hawwaa ala al-Tareeq, a.k.a. Eve on The Road
  • Al-Massageen al-Thalatha, a.k.a. The Three Prisoners
  • Raw'at el-Hob, a.k.a. The Beauty of Love.
  • 1969

  • El Shoug'an el Thalatha
  • Nos Sa'a Gawaz, a.k.a. half an Hour of marriage
  • 1970

  • Al-Ashrar, a.k.a. Evil Men
  • Nar al-Shouq, a.k.a. Flame of Crave
  • Al-Sarab, a.k.a. The Mirage
  • Al-Hob al-Daaie, a.k.a. The Lost Love
  • Ghoroob wa Shorouq, a.k.a. Sunset and Sunrise
  • Zawga le-Khamsat Regal, a.k.a. Wife of Five Men
  • 1971

  • Emraa wa Raggol, a.k.a. A Woman and A Man
  • Shay' fi Sadri, a.k.a. Something in My Heart
  • 1972

  • Ebnati al-Aziza, a.k.a. My Dear Daughter
  • Emraa le-Koll al-Regal, a.k.a. A Woman for All Men
  • Saaett al-Sefr, a.k.a. Zero Hour
  • 1974

  • Hekayti Maa Al-Zaman, a.k.a. My Story with Life
  • Ayna Aqli, a.k.a. Where is My Mind
  • 1975

  • Oreedo Hallan, a.k.a. Seeking A Solution
  • Youm al-Ahad al-Damy, a.k.a. Bloody Sunday
  • Abadan Lann Aaoud, a.k.a. I Shall Never Come Back
  • 1976

  • Tawheeda
  • 1977

  • Ah Ya Leil Ya Zamman, a.k.a. Oh Night, Oh Life
  • 1978

  • Wa Daa al-Omr Ya Waladi, a.k.a. Life Has Gone, My Son
  • Al-Qadi wal-Gallaad, a.k.a. The Judge
  • 1979

  • Le-Mann Toshreq al-Shams, a.k.a. For Whom the Sun Rises?
  • 1980

  • Daerrat al-Shakk, a.k.a. Circle of Suspicion
  • Azkeyaa Lakken Aghbeyaa, a.k.a. Intelligent But Stupid
  • References

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