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Ruben Pozo

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Birth name  Ruben Pozo Prats
Years active  1995–present
Origin  Spanish
Name  Ruben Pozo

Genres  Rock
Role  Musician
Instruments  Guitar
Music group  Pereza (2001 – 2011)
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Born  21 July 1975 (age 40) Barcelona, Spain (1975-07-21)
Occupation(s)  Vocal, guitarist, composer
Albums  Lo Que Mas, Aproximaciones, Los Amigos de los Anima, Aviones, Algo Para Cantar
Similar People  Leiva, Ivan Ferreiro, Lucas Masciano

RUBÉN POZO - Chavalita (Acústico LosLunesNoExisten)

Rubén Pozo Prats (born 21 July 1975) is a Spanish musician singer and compositor. In the second half of the 90s he formed a band called "Buenas Noches Rose", which he recorded three CD's. After the breaking up of the band he created the group "Pereza" with Leiva (Jose Miguel Conejo).



Ruben Pozo was born in Barcelona and grew up in the neighbourhood of Alameda de Osuna, Madrid. He started playing the guitar when he was a teenager interpreting the groups he liked, such as "Extremoduro, Barricada, Kiko Veneno, Pepe Risi, Santiago Auseron or Sabino Méndez". He also was influenced by the English Rock With groups like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Marc Bolan and The New York Dolls.

He had not finished high school yet when he formed the band Buenas Noches Rose, being the guitarist and the compositor of the group. A part from their own songs, the group also made their own version of songs from Leño and Led Zeppelin. The group recorded three Cds: “Buenas noches Rose (1992), La danza de araña(1997) and La estación seca(1999)”.

After the group broke up, he started a new group with José Miguel Conejo Torres and the drummer Tuli called Pereza. In their first disc, Pereza(2001), Ruben was the main singer, in the next Cds, Leiva is it instead of Rubén. In just a few years Pereza started to be really popular and it reached a lot of success. With collaborations from other artists such as Alejo Estivel, Miguel Rios, Andrés Calamaro or Ariel Rot, Ruben has also collaborated with Joaquín Sabina, for who he wrote the song "Embustera" which was included in the CD "Vinagre y rosa y Poncho K"(“el ultimo sol") and "Ivan Ferreiro"(SPNB). In this times he also was the producer of the discs "Pequeño Salvaje"(group owned by the actor Fede Celada and the ex-singer of Buenas Noches Rose, Jordi Skywalker).

After the separation of Pereza (although Leiva and Ruben still have a good relationship) and a period of charm, by the end of 2011 he starts working on a new band, with the aim of composing his first solo album, which was released in the spring of 2012 with the name "Lo que más". In the months of October and November 2012, he started a tour with the guitar in certain cities. He called it "Menos es Más", to name it in relation with the name of the CD "Lo que más" and to make reference to the fact that he would be acting alone withaout a band and just with his guitar as a "Llanero Solitario".

Buenas Noches Rose

  • Buenas Noches Rose ("Good Night Rose")(1995)
  • La Danza de La Araña ("The spider's Dance")(1997)
  • La Estación Seca ("The dry season") (1999)
  • Pereza

    In 1998 Ruben and José Miguel Conejo Torres got together with the intention of making new versions of Leño's songs. They were singing in a normal bar when a man saw them and he immediately got interested on them. Few months later they signed their first contract with a multinational and recorded their first album.

  • 2001: Pereza. ("Laziness")
  • 2002: Algo para cantar. ("Something to sing")
  • 2003: Algo para encantar, DVD.
  • 2004: Algo para cantar (edición especial).
  • 2005: Animales. ("Animals")
  • 2005: Princesas, DVD.
  • 2006: Los amigos de los animales, (+DVD).
  • 2006: Barcelona (DVD + CD).
  • 2007: Aproximaciones. ("Approximations")
  • 2009: Baires, libro CD y DVD.
  • 2009: Aviones. (+DVD) ("Planes")
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