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Rosenberg (surname)

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Meaning  mountain of roses
Language(s) of origin  Germanic

Rosenberg is a Germanic-language family name and toponym. Its principal meaning is "mountain of roses", from Rose + Berg. However, as a toponym, in some locations it may have originally meant "red mountain" or simply "red hill", from rot + Berg. The terminal consonant of the /rot/-/roθ/-/roð/-/ros/ syllable has varied across regions and centuries; there are many variations of the name, including Rosenberg, Rotenberg, Rothenberg, Rodenberg, and Rozenberg.


While sometimes inaccurately assumed to be exclusively Ashkenazi Jewish, it is a common surname among people of Baltic German, Sinti, and Swedish ancestry.


  • Alexander Rosenberg (born 1946), American philosopher of science
  • Aleksandr Rosenberg (1877–1935), Russian architect
  • Alfred Rosenberg (1893–1946), Baltic German philosopher and Nazi official
  • Allen Rosenberg (rower) (1931–2013), American rower and rowing coach
  • Andrei Rosenberg (1739–1813), Russian military officer
  • Ariel Marcus Rosenberg (born 1978), American singer-songwriter and musician
  • Arthur Rosenberg (1889–1943), German Marxist historian and writer
  • Barnett Rosenberg (1926–2009), American chemist who discovered anti-tumor properties of cisplatin
  • Chris Rosenberg (1950–1979), American mobster
  • Darryl Richard (actor) (born 1946), American child actor, birth name Darryl Richard Rosenberg
  • Debbie Rosenberg (born 1969), American bridge player
  • Elias Abraham Rosenberg (c.1810–1887), early visitor to Hawaii and friend of King David Kalakaua
  • Elmer Rosenberg (1885–1951), New York assemblyman 1918
  • Emil Rosenberg (1842–1925), Baltic German chemist
  • Prince Franz Seraph of Rosenberg-Orsini (1761–1832), Austrian general of the Napoleonic Wars
  • Göran Rosenberg (born 1948), Swedish journalist and author
  • Hans Rosenberg (1904–1988), German historian
  • Harold Rosenberg (1906–1978), American art critic, creator of the term "action painting"
  • Hermann von Rosenberg (1817–1888), German naturalist
  • Hilding Rosenberg (1892–1985), Swedish composer
  • Isaac Rosenberg (1890–1918), English poet and artist
  • Janet Rosenberg, birth name of Janet Jagan (1920–2009), President of Guyana
  • Jerry Rosenberg (1937–2009), American jailhouse lawyer
  • Joel Rosenberg (disambiguation), several people
  • Jonathan Rosenberg (mathematician) (born 1951), American mathematician
  • Jonathan Rosenberg (webcomic artist) (born 1973), American webcomic artist
  • Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (1918–1953 and 1915–1953), Americans who spied for the Soviet Union, executed for espionage
  • Kirsten Rosenberg, contemporary American singer for The Iron Maidens
  • Lars Rosenberg (born 1971), Swedish heavy metal musician
  • Lina Olsson Rosenberg (born 1971), Swedish handball player
  • Louis B. Rosenberg (born 1969), American inventor, entrepreneur and writer
  • Louis Conrad Rosenberg (1890–1983), American etcher
  • Margarete Rosenberg (1894–1993), German Expressionist poet better known under the pseudonym Henriette Hardenberg
  • Marianne Rosenberg (born 1955), German singer and songwriter
  • Markus Rosenberg (born 1982), Swedish footballer
  • Marshall Rosenberg (1934–2015), American psychologist and the creator of Nonviolent Communication
  • Matthew Rosenberg, American journalist who writes for The New York Times
  • Michael Rosenberg, American bridge player
  • Michael David Rosenberg (born 1984), British pop singer better known as Passenger
  • Milt Rosenberg, University of Chicago social psychology professor and radio host
  • Nikolay Yakovlevich Rosenberg (1807–1857), Russian naval officer
  • Noah Rosenberg, geneticist at the University of Michigan
  • Otto Rosenberg, Russian sinologist
  • Pablo Rosenberg, Argentine singer
  • Paul Rosenberg (disambiguation), several people
  • Peter Rosenberg, American radio DJ and television show host
  • Richie Rosenberg, American trombonist and talk show personality
  • Robert Rosenberg (1951–2006), American writer
  • Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzano, Guatemalan lawyer
  • Samuel Rosenberg 1912–1996), American writer and photographer
  • Sándor Rosenberg (1844–1909), progressive Hungarian rabbi
  • Scott Rosenberg, American screenwriter
  • Scott Rosenberg (journalist), American journalist
  • Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, American film producer
  • Sol Rosenberg, Polish-American industrialist and Dachau concentration camp survivor
  • Stan Rosenberg (born 1949), American politician
  • Stochelo Rosenberg, Dutch Sinti-Gypsy jazz guitarist
  • Stuart Rosenberg, American film director
  • Steve Rosenberg, American surgeon and cancer immunotherapy pioneer
  • Susanne Rosenberg (born 1957), Swedish folk music singer and vocal coach
  • Tiina Rosenberg (born 1958), Swedish professor
  • Tiit Rosenberg, Estonian historian
  • Vanna Rosenberg (born 1973), Swedish singer and actress
  • Vjekoslav Rosenberg-Ružić, Croatian composer, conductor and music educator
  • William Rosenberg (1916–2002), American founder of Dunkin' Donuts
  • William of Rosenberg (1535–1592), Bohemian nobleman
  • Rothenberg

  • Rothenberg (disambiguation)
  • Rozenberg

  • David I. Rozenberg (1879–1950), Lithuanian/Soviet economist
  • Grzegorz Rozenberg (born 1942), Polish-born mathematician and computer scientist
  • Joshua Rozenberg (born 1950), British journalist specializing in legal matters
  • Dadara (born 1969), Polish-Dutch artist, birth name Daniel Rozenberg
  • Fictional characters

  • Willow Rosenberg, character in American television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Other

  • House of Rosenberg, Bohemian Rosenberg dynasty (Czech: Rožmberk), Lords of Krumlov and Rožmberk
  • Orsini-Rosenberg, Austrian princely family
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