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Robert Ardito

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Nationality  Australian
Occupation  Martial artist
Style  Wing Chun
Name  Robert Ardito
Rank  Master
Teacher  Jim Fung
Years active  1989-present

Robert Ardito


Sifu master robert ardito smashes world record for the fastest punches

Robert Ardito (born 28 November 1968) is an Australian practitioner and teacher of Wing Chun kung fu and founder of the 'Shiu Lung Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy'. Robert also currently holds the Guinness World Record for most full contact punch strikes in one minute. Ardito is accredited as a Master of Wing Chun kung fu by the World Organiser of Martial Arts


top martial artist busts out Robert ardito " I am faster consider distance"


Ardito Studied Traditional Wing Chun kung fu based on Sifu Jim Fung's principles derived from the Sifu Yip Man Lineage.

World Record

Ardito has broken the World Record punches in one minute, on three occasions. In 2005, he broke the record for the first time with 428 punches. On March 18, 2007, Ardito broke the record again with 702 punches which was later broken by a martial artist in the USA bettered the record by 11 punches. In 2009 Robert regained the record again with 805 punches.

Evolved Wing Chun™

Robert Ardito has been granted an Innovation Patent by IP Australia upon Evolved Wing Chun™ being recognised as an innovation substantially contributing to the centuries-old martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, in that it compensates for assailants in our modern day racially and ethnically diverse society being often taller, heavier and stronger than were encountered by the Chinese Wing Chun exponents of old.


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