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Riccardo Schicchi

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Riccardo Schicchi

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Riccardo Schicchi ([rikˈkardo ˈskikki]; Augusta, Sicily, 14 March 1953 - Rome, 9 December 2012) was an Italian pornographer.


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Graduated from art school with a specialization in photography, Schicchi began by being a photographer for Epoca, travelling around in several places of the world, including war zones.

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After meeting Ilona Staller, both acted as hosts of the radio show Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? featuring discussions about sex, with live calls from the audience. Staller was renamed "Cicciolina".


In 1983 the duo founded the model agency Diva Futura.

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Moana Pozzi was another source of popularity for Schicchi; Pozzi was the face of Schicchi's "Partito dell'Amore" (Love Party), a parody of Italian political parties: in 1990, Love Party was unable to cross over the minimum limit for admission into the lowest Chamber, yet it still amassed a significant number of preferences for Pozzi.

Eva Henger was also discovered by Schicchi and later became his wife in 1994. The couple had two children, Mercedes (1991) and Riccardino (1995), before parting. Henger currently has another relationship, yet the couple never officially divorced.

In 2006, he was sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment for breaching Italian legislation on immigration and prostitution, regarding the activities with his wife Eva Henger.

Schicchi was ailed with Diabetes mellitus type 2, that led to his hospitalization in 2012 for diabetic coma, assisted by Henger. The disease also impaired his vision and cause renal insufficiency Schicchi died in San Pietro Hospital, Rome.

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