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Epoca (magazine)

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Frequency  Weekly
First issue  14 October 1950
Year founded  1950
Final issue  1997
Epoca (magazine)

Former editors  Alberto Mondadori Enzo Biagi
Categories  Current affairs magazine

Epoca (meaning Age in English) was an Italian illustrated weekly current events magazine published in Milan, Italy.

History and profile

Epoca was first published on 14 October 1950. The magazine was modelled on Life and Paris Match. The magazine was part of Mondadori and was based in Milan.

Its first editor was Alberto Mondadori who was succeeded in the post by Enzo Biagi in 1953. The magazine sold 500,000 copies in 1955.

During the period until 1960 when Enzo Biagi edited Epoca the magazine covered current affairs news, social attitudes as well as TV news. The magazine also included frequent and detailed articles about Hollywood stars of the period and Italian movie stars such as Gina Lollobrigida. The weekly had offices in New York, Paris and Tokyo. From June 1952 to the late 1958 the Cuban-Italian writer Alba de C├ęspedes wrote an agony column, called Dalla parte di lei, in the magazine.

Then Epoca became part of Rizzoli Editori and began to cover travel and nature news with photographs and scientific articles. The magazine had a section called I bei posti (meaning Beautiful Places in English) where the photographs of unknown places such as Bahamas, Marrakesh and Acapulco by Mario de Biasi, Alfredo Panucci and Giorgio Lotti were published.

Epoca's circulation was 400,000 copies in 1963. In 1970 the circulation of the magazine was 350,000 copies. The weekly had a circulation of 120,046 copies in 1984.

Epoca was closed down in 1997 due to low circulation.


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