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Rendu Jella Sita

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Director  Jandhyala
Music director  Pasupuleti Ramesh Naidu
Language  Telugu
6.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Drama
Country  India
Rendu Jella Sita httpsiytimgcomviVbCcyYIFk4maxresdefaultjpg
Release date  1983
Writer  Jandhyala (dialogue), Jandhyala (story)
Director  Jandhyala Subramanya Sastry
Screenplay  Jandhyala Subramanya Sastry
Story by  Jandhyala Subramanya Sastry
Cast  Naresh, Purnima, Suthivelu, Srilakshmi, Suthi Veerabhadra Rao
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Rendu jella seetha class room comedy scene between lecturer principal

Rendu Jella Sita is a 1983 Telugu comedy film, written and directed by Jandhyala. The film Naresh, Rajesh, Pradeep, Subhakar and Mahalakshmi in Lead roles, while Allu Ramalingaih appear in prominent role.


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Rendu Jella Sita Rendu Jella Sita Songs One Two Three Naresh Purnima Pradeep

Four men Gopi (Naresh), Mohan (Rajesh), Krishna (Pradeep), Murthy (Subhakar) falls for seetha (Mahalakshmi).And tries to impress her.One fine day they all goes to seetha and asks her whom she love.Then seetha replies Madhu (Kamalakar).They all get shocked.Then seetha narrates the flash back.when seetha was travelling in a bus Madhu (Kamalakar) stands beside her when he is trying to give money to conductor his coin slips into seetha blouse. conductor asks for change he has no change, conductor asks him to get down.Madhu says he has exam then seetha takes ticket for him too.seetha teaches music for madhu friend's sisters and some girls.There he proposes her by showing a classical song in music book she replies the same feeling by showing another song.Madhu conveys matter to seetha parents they feel happy for their child.Madhu asks his father Gandabherundam ( Allu Ramalingaih) who don't like the match but pretends to agree on forcing of madhu.Seeth father goes to meet Gandabherundam to ask when will be the marriage there Gandabherundamsays falsely says that he promised lord venkatesa that the money he receive as dowry for marriage will be given to God.So seetha father agrees as it is a sentimental thing. He works hard and makes all arrangements and in the last moment one man comes and says that they don't want this marriage and returns money also. Seetha's father goes to Gandabherundam and asks the reason then they say that seetha has affair with someone else. Seetha's family moves from there.Falsh back finishes.Now these four go to village and enquires the matter.They want to teach Gandabherundam a lesson.They provokes kameswara rao (subhalekha sudhakar) to love Gandabherundam daughter.Meanwhile, they will get to know that the reason for rejecting seetha was photographs showing seetha with friend of madhu who has feelings for seetha and for whose sisters seetha taught music classes. Gandabherundam along with this person makes those fake photos and destroys madhu's feelings. On the marriage of Gandabherundam daughter i.e. sister of madhu with kameswara rao these four stops the marriage and shows photographs of madhus sister with thesame person with seetha in photograph.Madhu objects it then brin the person he says that they love each other.Then they make Madhu understand that his father gave money and made all the things.They say's that at the time seetha has no brother to ask like you,now she has four brothers.Madhu realises the mistake and two marriages takes place.Happy ending.....

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Jandhyala had good relations with make-up man, producer Jayakrishna, from early of his career. When Jandhyala turned to a director from his screen-writing and dialogue-writing career, Jayakrishna used to visit his shooting regularly. Once Jandhyala narrated the story-line to Jayakrishna. When Keshavarao(then film distributor) asked to help him to find a better script and assist him in his trials to produce movies, Jayakrishna recommended him doing a movie with Jandhyala. After their initial discussions about the script and budget matters movie started eventually.


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The script demands four young actors as heroes. Jandhyala selected Pradeep for one of the four roles, to whom Jandhyala continued offering roles in every of the films directed by him till then from directional debut Mudda Mandaram. After this film Pradeep stopped his career as film actor and later he has done many roles in Television serials. For other three roles, Jandhyala selected Naresh, Rajesh and Subhakar. Subhakar later became famous by his role in Mayuri. Rajesh who made his debut as hero in Jandhyala directional movie "Nelavanka", and is brother of popular comedy actress Sri Lakshmi, has been selected to another hero character.
Jandhyala conducted selections for the title role as seetha. Vijayashanti, Bhanupriya, Shobhana and many others had been rejected for the role and selected Mahalakshmi, daughter of former actress Pushpalatha, for title role. Pushpalatha also played a role in this film as mother of Seetha. Movie organizer Jayakrishna offered Sri Lakshmi, who later become a popular comedy actress in Telugu industry, a guest role in this movie. Her brother Rajesh suggested her to turn down the offer because he thought doing a cameo role while she has done heroine character is not a good idea. Despite of her brother suggestions, she accepted the offer. Eventually guest role became a complete comedy role, whose success paved way to her successful career as a comedy actress in Telugu movies.


Rendu Jella Sita Rendu Jella Seetha Songs One Two Three Naresh Purnima Pradeep

Filming started on 4 October 1982 in Kanaka mahalakshmi temple, Visakhapatnam. Most of the shooting occurred in Visakhapatnam, Araku Valley, Vijayanagaram and other places around Visakhapatnam city. Film unit hired a building opposite Ramakrishna beach, Visakhapatnam and shot it as residence of heroes.
Filming completed in 45 days and Rs.13,75,000 was spent on movie.


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