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Renal hilum

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Latin  hilum renale
TA  A08.1.01.004
Dorlands /Elsevier  h_11/12422634
FMA  15610
Renal hilum

The renal hilum (Latin: hilum renale) or renal pedicle is the hilum of the kidney, that is, its recessed central fissure where its vessels, nerves and ureter pass. The medial border of the kidney is concave in the center and convex toward either extremity; it is directed forward and a little downward. Its central part presents a deep longitudinal fissure, bounded by prominent overhanging anterior and posterior lips. This fissure is a hilum that transmits the vessels, nerves, and ureter. From anterior to posterior, the renal vein exits, the renal artery enters, and the renal pelvis exits the kidney.

Hilum's Order

The superior, middle, and inferior vessels enter or leave the hilum of kidney: renal vein, renal artery and renal pelvis, respectively.


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